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Case Study: Charles Bradley “No Time For Dreaming”

Goals As a new artist breaking out with his debut album, the goal for Charles Bradley‘s worldwide campaign was exposure. Furthermore, given that physical sales for R&B/Soul artists are usually much higher than digital sales, we wanted to specifically drive digital sales. Tactics Leading up to Street Date, we focused on growing Charles Bradley’s social… Read more »

Using an iPad in the Music Industry Part 3: Merch, Marketing, Managing

Thanks everyone for checking out the series.  Here is the last installment, all about The Business. Along with being a great tool for musicians, engineers and producers, the iPad is well suited for everyone working in the business sector of the music industry.  By everyone, I really mean everyone.  Managers, marketers, merch retailers, bands, brands,… Read more »

Twitter Predictor

Recently I’ve seen a lot of services pop up that provide real-time Twitter sentiment; meaning, you can view the % of tweets that speak positively and negatively about a person, a product, a brand, etc. Of course, this is useful for marketing and PR teams so that they can use the data to shift the… Read more »

Let’s Talk Twitter

Given how much Twitter has seeped into pop culture, we assume you know the terminology (like, the message you broadcast through Twitter is a “tweet”, not a “twit”), but here are a few quick tips to help you fully utilize it. Listen to what people are saying about you by setting up a search feed… Read more »