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Kina Grannis: Another Rising Star in Paris

It’s a hard life running the Paris Office for The Orchard – especially when in the same year you have two rising stars gaining serious recognition here. In a previous blog post, I mentioned Hollie Cook, who will be coming back to play here in Paris in December and throughout the Spring Time. And this… Read more »

Wanna Be a YouTube Star Like Kina?

As our lovely Kina Grannis prepares to head to Europe for promotion of her upcoming European album release and a virtually sold out tour, I am reminded of how she is an artist who has taken full advantage of the medium of YouTube and used it to devastating effect. I am always intrigued to see how her… Read more »

Spotify: Get Your Artists Heard

By now you have all heard the hype about Spotify, but in case you have been living under a rock, let’s start with the basics: Spotify is a service that lets you listen to any song in the Spotify library – anytime you want. It’s like iTunes in that you can search for what you want,… Read more »