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Using an iPad in the Music Industry Part 3: Merch, Marketing, Managing

Thanks everyone for checking out the series.  Here is the last installment, all about The Business. Along with being a great tool for musicians, engineers and producers, the iPad is well suited for everyone working in the business sector of the music industry.  By everyone, I really mean everyone.  Managers, marketers, merch retailers, bands, brands,… Read more »

Twitter Predictor

Recently I’ve seen a lot of services pop up that provide real-time Twitter sentiment; meaning, you can view the % of tweets that speak positively and negatively about a person, a product, a brand, etc. Of course, this is useful for marketing and PR teams so that they can use the data to shift the… Read more »

Let’s Talk Twitter

Given how much Twitter has seeped into pop culture, we assume you know the terminology (like, the message you broadcast through Twitter is a “tweet”, not a “twit”), but here are a few quick tips to help you fully utilize it. Listen to what people are saying about you by setting up a search feed… Read more »

What Does Come Next In The World Of Marketing Music?

Promoting artists and their music is a constantly evolving task in today’s transforming world; one that keeps us awake at night. We all have to ask ourselves, what are well-known acts moving away from major label contracts looking for when seeking a business partner, a marketing service provider, or distributor, and what can companies like… Read more »