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Not Just Another “Best Of 2008” List

Digital crate-diggers, HEAR YE! In 2008, dost thou only listen to music released in 2008? (NO!*) Dost thou listen to music issued in other decades, perhaps even The Nineteen Eighties? (YES!) Dost thou discovereth music after yon peers hast discovered it, and you’re all embarrassed when they declareth it “so last year?” (SOMETIMES!) BE NOT… Read more »

CMJ Sneak Peek

Back in the day when I managed my college rock radio station, not only did I go to CMJ, but I planned the trip every year from Ohio to New York.  I rented the 15 passenger vans, I booked the college-kid-priced hostel, I gathered everyone’s hard earned money for our badges, and we all piled… Read more »

MBAR Sweats It Out At The Cake Shop

Although Miles stood at the microphone, drenched in sweat in the basement of Cake Shop (because it was hotter than the blazing mid day sun at Siren Festival), it didn’t deter the undivided attention of his audience. Playing one of 9 shows before he heads on tour with TV on the Radio, Miles Benjamin Anthony… Read more »

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Burning Up My Ears (And More Of The Internets)

For the past few weeks I’ve been operating under a self-imposed 1-album-listen-per-day restriction on Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson’s self-titled debut; otherwise, I would listen to nothing else. Just now, I was blaring it from my desk at Rind HQ and 3 people stopped to ask me who it was (all during track #1: Buriedfed). As… Read more »

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Burning Up The Internets

We already reported his track “Buriedfed” being featured on Stereogum, Pitchfork’s Forkcast, and The Fader, and now Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson can add another notch to his belt with today’s track review on Paper Thin Walls. The favorable mention comes just one day short of the official release of MBAR’s self-titled debut, which will… Read more »