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Hulu Plus Lands on the Wii

In what can only be described as a foreseeable move for Nintendo and Hulu alike, the duo has teamed up to offer Hulu Plus to Wii consoles across the United States and Japan. (Sorry international readers, Hulu hasn’t been released in any additional countries quite yet.) As an added bonus, Wii users without an existing… Read more »

What’s Shakin’, 2012?

I am far from a media pundit who has artfully created a list of predictions for 2012, but as a person with half a brain, of course I have my own expectations for this year. Here they are, in no particular order: The direct-to-fan focus for 2012 will be on selling tickets. I cannot adequately… Read more »

A Day In The Life of The Orchard Ops

Just in case you had no idea, the Operations team at The Orchard has been on a serious tear recently. We’ve been working extra hard to get all that great content out to stores across the world, and dotting all the Is and crossing those Ts wherever necessary to ensure everything is in tip-top shape…. Read more »

Digital News From Our World (To Yours)

Facebook Account Now Required For Spotify Signup, And Users Aren’t Happy Music Marketers FAQ – What’s most important as a promotional tool: Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube?   5 Key Features Missing From Facebook Music Music, Media Firms See Hope In Facebook   Comparing Streaming Video Services: Blockbuster, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon   Google Adds Multiple Sign-ins… Read more »

Netflix’s DVD-by-Mail Service Becomes Qwickster

Earlier this summer, Netflix announced that it would split unlimited movie streaming from unlimited DVD rentals and charge more to keep both. An unpopular move to say the least, and one that eventually even led to lower than expected subscription numbers. However, this was only the beginning for Reed Hastings and crew who have recently announced that their… Read more »