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Welcome, Gift!

Introducing Gift Caternor, Account Manager, Performance Rights Services Hi everyone! I am very excited to be joining The Orchard and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone. Before The Orchard, I was at The Harry Fox Agency where I did Income Tracking and Client Services. Before that, I worked at an independent record… Read more »

Mo Data, Mo Problems (but Mo Performance Royalties)

ISRC, UPC, Song Title, Version, Artist, Composer, Release Name, Duration, Label, Imprint. These are just a few of the pieces of data that identify your songs. How about Country of Recording? Nationality of First Producer? Gender of drummer’s first born?!! Ok, I made that one up… but it probably couldn’t hurt to include it. In… Read more »

Why Must Germany Live Without Spotify?

Perhaps the greatest jukebox of the Internet has arrived to Austria and Switzerland. As of last week, Spotify is available to Austrian and Swiss Facebook users, through agreements with the Austrian performance rights societies AKM and Austro Mechana, and with Switzerland’s Suisa. Germany however will have to wait, because rights holders are still not granting any licenses…. Read more »