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The Orchard Chart Toppers: February 2015

February continued to display some chart topping prowess from our labels and artists, and as always, we love taking the time to give them a shoutout for their awesomeness. Highlights from February include the inimitable Torche (have you played their game, Torche vs Robots, yet?), the supergroup Revolution Saints and their self-titled debut, Dangerbird Records’… Read more »

The Orchard Chart Toppers: October 2014

October was a month for the Hard Rockers and Metalheads of The Orchard, with some top positions for Relapse Records, Pure Noise Records, Nuclear Blast and Ipecac Recordings with Obituary, State Champs, Exodus and the Melvins, respectively. That doesn’t mean other genres did get their say: Soul got a good rep there with The Budos Band,… Read more »

Case Study: Red Fang “Whales and Leeches”

Goals As a big priority for Relapse Records, our goal with Red Fang’s third album, Whales and Leeches, was to create an engaging digital marketing campaign that exposed the band’s music to new fans while giving their existing fan base the high quality interactions they were used to. Tactics Given the band’s charismatic and fun… Read more »

Kick Back and Pop Open a Cold One with Red Fang

Are you ready to Rock? I certainly hope so. Because Hard Rock outfit Red Fang released Whales and Leeches last week, their first album in two years; and from the sound of it, they have no intention of waiting for you to prepare yourself. Rife with vicious licks, eerie ambiance and oozing with male machismo, this… Read more »

Circumambulate Around True Widow

If there’s one valuable lesson that True Widow can teach us, it’s that you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken. This is the motto of their third album Circumambulation that’s out this week via Relapse Records. Indeed, the Dallas trio has stayed true to its hybrid stoner-rocker and shoegaze sound that characterized the previous two records, while… Read more »