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California Streaming

By now if you haven’t heard of streaming stores you must be living in a sealed room at the bottom of a very, very dark hole. Since Napster (the legal version) first started right through to the recent US developments with Rdio it seems that every new music service is embracing streaming. Why? Well firstly… Read more »

Get Fit Quick With The Orchard

So, Christmas is over. Time to get fit. We all know the score, you’ve eaten too much turkey, drank too much beer and scoffed too much chocolate. What’s the solution? THE ORCHARD’S ULTIMATE WORKOUT PLAYLIST! We don’t guarantee weight loss. We don’t guarantee toned abs. Nor do we even expect you to get off your… Read more »

Ad Funded Streaming: Effects On Sales

As ad-funded / subscription streaming services are becoming more widespread and even the big ones (Spotify, Google) possibly reaching the USA by early next year, we’ve been running tests with releases to see what effects streaming services have on sales. With the help of our friends at Spotify we tracked several releases and looked at… Read more »