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Who Wins The Duel?

The Hives and Cyndi Lauper offer up the perfect anti-Christmas song, a call and response bell-jingler approrpiately titled Christmas Duel . The only winner in this fight: us. The track will be available for FREE download on the Hives website over Thanksgiving weekend, and will be available for download at all online retailers on December… Read more »

Hi-Def Dodos

Watch the full concert at From the horses mouth: “There was a bit of irony involved when we ventured to NYC’s most carnivalistic of venues, Spiegelworld. The magnificent, wood and canvas tent that sits oh so awesomely on Pier 17 derives its name from a Dutch word meaning mirror tent; an appropriate reference as… Read more »

Mr. Lif Gets Political on I Heard it Today

In September indie rapper Mr. Lif announced that he would be recording and releasing his newest solo album track-by-track, using current events such as the presidential election and economic crises as his inspiration, and releasing a new track every three weeks starting September 23rd and winding up just as the nation swears in our next… Read more »

It Pays To Be A Nada Surf Fan

Music videos are rife with clichés and often bore the tears out of anyone with even a remotely discerning taste. Nada Surf solved this problem by opening up a YouTube contest to their fans to make the music video for their song “Weightless” from Lucky . The band and Barsuk made two very talented fans… Read more »