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Welcome, Danny!

Introducing Danny Grant, General Manager, Action Sports — The Orchard Sports I’m really excited to officially be part of The Orchard team. I’ve been contracting as a consultant since September last year while we started The Orchard Sports. I’m so grateful for having been given the opportunity to launch this division. We’ve come a long… Read more »

Welcome, Rich!

Introducing Richard Pattison, Client & Content Representative Hi, I’m Rich! Everyone calls me Rich because apparently there is already a Richard who works here. I like listening to and playing all kinds of music on guitar but my favourite artist is probably Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen, which most people here in England find pretty strange…… Read more »

Welcome, Rodari!

Introducing Rodari Simpson, Accountant – Music Distribution I’m originally from Jamaica, born in Kingston, and raised in the upper New Kingston area. My introduction to music began at the age of 5, when my mother forced me to do piano lessons. Sure enough I hated every minute of it, as my friends were good at… Read more »

Welcome, Matt!

Introducing Matt Valerio, Technical Account Manager I joined The Orchard family when the IODA merger happened, and I oversee deliveries to stores. I grew up in New Hampshire and spent pretty much my entire 20’s living in the Bay Area recording and touring as part of the Anticon label. I started working at the SF… Read more »

Welcome, Tom!

Introducing Tom Wheeley, Senior Director, Business Development Hi everybody. Firstly I just want to say how excited I am to be here! I’ve been waiting a while for my move to the US from London, having been living out of a suitcase (not literally of course) for a good year for things to materialize. It’s bloody… Read more »