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Digital News From Our World (To Yours)

VEVO Seeking A New Ad Deal With YouTube Business Matters: Why A Facebook-HTC PHone Could Help Google Music Pandora Reaches 40M Active Users, Sees No Impact From On-Demand Services Spotify: “The Overwhelming Majority Of Our Label Partners Are Thrilled With The Revenues” Yes, Klout Is Flawed, But Here Is Why You Should Give It A… Read more »

A Day In The Life of The Orchard Ops

Just in case you had no idea, the Operations team at The Orchard has been on a serious tear recently. We’ve been working extra hard to get all that great content out to stores across the world, and dotting all the Is and crossing those Ts wherever necessary to ensure everything is in tip-top shape…. Read more »

Digital News From Our World (To Yours)

40% of Coldplay’s Early Album Sales Are Coming from Downloads   EMI: Access/Warner Pull Out of Bid   Getting the Music Advertising ROI Calculation Correct   The Musical Side of Google TV’s Relaunch   YouTube Announces Channels – Will Feel a Little More Like Cable TV

The Marketplace Presents: Dockvine

So many apps, so little time. That’s how Dockvine sees it and why it seeks to make your life easier in the ever-growing social sphere. Managing your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr accounts and more can be a nightmare, and furthermore, it leads people away from site numero uno: yours. Dockvine makes it possible for you… Read more »