Takka This!

It’s hard to really believe anything until you read it in the NEW YORK TIMES. Fortunately for us all, we can now rest easy in the thought that Indie revelers Takka Takka are a verified truth. How, you ask? Well, chief critic and oft-PBS News Hour correspondent Jon Pareles has described the phenomenon to us: “Takka Takka gets the guitar-picking patterns on its album ‘Migration’ from all over: Minimalism and math-rock, Africa and Indonesia, funk and folk and psychedelia, often over beats that sound like rock anthems burnished smooth by the notes pelting above.”

Now, if that sounds awesome, just try listening to Migration -12 solid tracks of beautiful eeriness, in that mellow, introspective kind of delivery that the Takkas have mastered. Referring once again to the words of Pareles for futher elaboration: “The band members sing as if to themselves, murmuring glimpses of catastrophe…the music is rock as meditation, with orderly repetition trying to keep the deepest fears at bay.” Deep and informative as they are, we will abide.

Let it be scripted in the history books, for it is now a matter of record…thanks, NYT.

MP3: Takka Takka – Everybody Say

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