Tanya Tagaq Draws Second Blood On Sophomore Release

The door is over there. If, on your way in, you didn’t drop off your preconceived notions about what pop music is supposed to sound like , ya probably oughta motor on to the next post. Because the music of Tanya Tagaq takes some time to unpack, and does the casual listener zero favors in the process. But the latest release from Bjork’s favorite Canadian Inuit throat singer (I know, right?) is, at its core, a gorgeous pop album, filled with alternately soaring, confounding, and disquieting arrays of acrobatic vocals and exotic instrumentation. And, of course, the guests don’t hurt either — both Mike Patton and Buck 65 add to the mix here. If Auk / Blood , the follow up to her Juno Award nominated 2006 debut, Sinaa , doesn’t elicit some deep gut-level reactions, we suggest checking to make sure you still have one.

MP3 : Tanya Tagaq – Ikuma

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