The Dawn Wall Captivates In Theaters

Fresh in theaters, The Dawn Wall follows Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson as they intrigued the world with their effort to climb a 3,000-foot rock face on the infamous El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Named after the way the morning sun first illuminates the giant granite wall, El Capitan has fascinated the climbing community for decades. The Dawn Wall, in particular, had been deemed impossible because of an incredibly smooth section that provides almost no holds for climbing.

The Orchard acquired the rights to the film and fresh off a win at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival, The Dawn Wall continued to thrill audiences at several other film festivals before starting its official box office run in LA and New York on September 14th. At the NY opening night, The Orchard and Red Bull Media House “eventised” the evening with a pre-party hosted at VYNL before heading over to the Cinema Village where the filmmakers and cast kicked things off with a brief intro followed by a Q&A session. Several questions were centered around the filmmaking and how all this footage was captured. The team explained how they spent over 19 days camping on the side of the wall and strung a complex web of ropes so they could film at the right angle at the right moment to get all the best shots. An after-party ensued back at VYNL where guests including Jared Leto arrived in support of the film.

The Dawn Wall has since gone on to reach 670 big screens nationwide and gross $1.1M dollars domestically at the box office. This has put the film inside the top 10 of ALL documentary movies for 2018 making The Dawn Wall the number two grossing documentary film ever released by The Orchard.

You can catch the film at a few select theaters listed on their site. The Dawn Wall releases digitally and on-demand November 20th. Pre-order here and check out the trailer below.

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