The Marketplace Presents: The Orchard Promo Player

The Orchard Promo Player is a sleek, customizable streaming player that can be embedded on websites, blogs and shared social networks, helping you share and promote your music easily and effectively.

Easy to use and completely free, The Orchard Promo Player takes the songs you’ve already uploaded to The Orchard Release Builder to create a simple and convenient streaming widget.

To build your own Promo Player, sign in to The Marketplace and install the app for your artist. You can choose between a Mini Player, which includes playback, a customizable purchase link and full sharing functionality, and an Artwork Player, which adds the ability to display cover art or custom artwork, adjust size and include track information as well as multiple purchase options.

When you click on either the Mini Player or the Artwork Player, a window will appear displaying all the tracks you’ve uploaded to Release Builder. Click on the track you’d like to promote through the Promo Player.

If you’ve selected the Mini Player, you’re almost done! You’ll have the possibility to add a purchase option, for which you’ll need to provide the retailer name and a purchase link. Make sure to click Save, and preview the final product on the same page.

If you’ve selected the Artwork Player, you have additional options to customize. Select which artwork you’d like include, play around with the size options and add track information. Preview each change as you make it, and click Save when you’re satisfied.

For both players, the last step is simply to copy the embed code on the page and paste it to your sites, blogs and networks. Now the world can preview and purchase your tunes!

Your existing players also appear on the main page for easy access. Preview and edit them, activate and deactivate them, and quickly access the embed code as well.

There’s no limit to how may Promo Players you can create, so no need to hold back!

The Orchard Promo Player is accessible via The Marketplace.

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