The Orchard Wins Big At TIFF With “The Hummingbird Project”

The Toronto International Film Festival is well underway, and we’re proud to announce that The Orchard has acquired U.S. rights to the upcoming drama, The Hummingbird Project, written and directed by Kim Nguyen

A story lined with ambition and greed, two cousins, Vincent and Anton (played by Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg and Emmy Golden-Globe winner Alexander Skarsgard, respectively), are on a chaotic mission to build a thousand-mile long fiber optic tunnel running from New Jersey to Kansas. An attempt to gain a single millisecond ahead of the stock exchange and make millions, the film showcases the absurd lengths people will go for success and money. After quitting their jobs at a top New York trading company run by Eva Torres (Salma Hayek), Vincent and Anton find themselves in a twisted competition against Eva and her company to be number one.

The Orchard is thrilled to bring this film to the big screen in 2019. As Paul Davidson, The Orchard’s EVP of Film and TV, states, “We immediately gravitated toward The Hummingbird Project’s originality, style and stellar performances. Kim has done an amazing job delivering a story that is both dramatic, surprising and broadly entertaining — one which we think audiences will be immediately drawn to when we bring it to theaters in early 2019.”

Read the full Deadline announcement and be on the lookout for future Hummingbird updates!

Image courtesy of TIFF

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