The Orchard Secures Paul Lieberstein’s ‘Song of Back and Neck’

The Orchard is pleased to announce the acquisition of Paul Lieberstein’s debut film, Song of Back and Neck. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and is slated for a release before the year’s end. The Orchard secured all North American rights.

Lieberstein earned his stripes writing and acting in the US version of The Office as well as writing for other shows such as King of the Hill and The Newsroom.

Song of Back and Neck marks his silver screen debut, a comedy about a middle-aged paralegal named Fred (Lieberstein) who suffers from severe back pain. Upon visiting an acupuncturist Fred discovers that, not only does his pain disappear as soon as the needles go in, but also that his back literally begins to sing. Bored and trapped by his mundane everyday life, Fred uses his newfound talent to join a band and perform.

“Never before has one man’s back pain caused as much laughter as Paul Lieberstein’s.” Producer Jennifer Prediger said.

“I’m thrilled to be working with The Orchard on this,” Lieberstein said. “I’ve been really lucky to find partners all committed to taking chances on something different.”

Check out the full press release here and check back for updates on the quirky and hilarious Song of Back and Neck.

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