The Orchard Catches ‘Birds Of Passage’ At Cannes Film Festival

Birds of PassageThe Orchard has secured North American distribution rights for Birds of Passage following the film’s premiere at Cannes Film Festival. The Spanish-language film is a true story that follows a Colombian family involved in drug trafficking between the 1960s and 1980s.

The film is directed Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego, a husband/wife duo that produced and directed the first Oscar-nominated film out of Colombia, Embrace Of The Serpent. Birds of Passage features Carmiña Martínez, Jose Acosta, Jhon Narváez, Natalia Reyes, Jose Vicente Cots, Juan Martínez and Greider Meza. The film is not your usual cartel flick. As chief film critic at Variety, Peter Debruge states:

“These days, with ‘Narcos’ on Netflix and ‘Loving Pablo’ in theaters, South American drug stories are a dime a dozen, but you’ve never seen one like ‘Birds of Passage,’ a visually stunning and often surprising true story that charts the rise of the Colombian drug business back before Escobar from its unexpected roots.”

We are excited to share the captivating family drama. Read the full press release here and stay tuned for more from The Daily Rind!

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