The Orchard Goes Back To College

CollegeRemember your college days? Yea, neither do we. But — we’ve managed to track down a group of College students in various markets across the U.S. who are as passionate about music as we are! These students I’m speaking of make up our College & Lifestyle Marketing Department.

We have students in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Denver, Austin, Chicago, Portland and Seattle, and we’re hoping to find more like-minded, passionate College students in even more markets in the near future. These students, better known as The Orchard’s College Marketing Representatives, create awareness around priority releases in each of their markets by targeting lifestyle accounts, indie retail stores, college campuses, local radio stations & blogs, and by using various social media platforms.

Since this department began, the College Reps have had the chance to run some great campaigns. They promoted Jedi Mind Tricks The Thief and The Fallen with the use of branded slap koozies (yes — like slap bracelets, but for your beverages), matchbooks and stencils that were spray chalked around venues JMT was performing at. Other notable campaigns they’ve worked on have been T. Hardy Morris (Dangerbird Records), The Bright Light Social Hour (Frenchkiss Records), Oddisee (Mello Music Group), Torche (Relapse Records) and Nightwish (Nuclear Blast), to name a few. (Check out our case studies here.) These campaigns, among others, have enabled the College Reps to use more unique — and frankly awesome — physical tools in their promotions such as: temporary tattoos, koozies, bandanas, coasters and even coffee sleeves. Who doesn’t love free schwag right??

So, even though we might be well out of College by now, we’re still able to stay on top of the newest and latest trends amongst college-aged students thanks to our amazing Reps. Who knows, maybe one day the red solo cup we all know and love will become a thing of the past. Just kidding, that’ll never happen. Hooray College!

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