Don’t Miss The Orchard @ Crowdfunding & The Filmmaker!

crowdfunding & the filmmakerHere’s an inarguable truth about independent filmmaking: the two biggest challenges in the entire process are 1) finding financing and 2) navigating distribution options. (Well, I suppose it is arguable, but I welcome the brave soul who dares to challenge me on this).

Tomorrow in Chelsea, the New York City Film & Finance Network, a “member community of individuals in both the film and finance industries interested in working together to produce independent & feature films for theatrical distribution,” is presenting their annual Crowdfunding and The Filmmaker workshop.

I am honored to be able to speak on the 2:45 pm panel called Crowdfunding & Social Distribution for the Independent Film. Along with microbudget filmmaker Morgan Nichols, Ranfi Rivera of WNET/Thirteen and Ralph Scott of the Social Cinema Project, I’ll be talking about strategies of piecing together financing, particularly via crowdfunding tools, as well as new models of distribution, and how the two are organically tied together in terms of audience building.

The event starts at 11 am and goes til 5 pm at the appropriately named Showbiz Store & Cafe at 19 West 21st Street. Stop by for a snack and, hopefully, some knowledge. Tickets can still be bought here.

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