The Orchard Flies Past 4 Billion YouTube Views

Videos on YouTube claimed by The Orchard have surpassed 4 billion streams while under The Orchard’s control, thanks to the success of the advanced content feed it engineered to connect to YouTube’s content identification system, as well as its position as one the largest digital distributors.  The automated feed enables a large volume of content to be instantly “fingerprinted”, a process which empowers YouTube’s system to find videos on YouTube containing content managed by The Orchard and apply advertising to monetize the streams.

The Orchard’s user generated content monetization system applies to all types of media, including audio, music videos, television shows and movies. The YouTube streaming data is even imported into The Orchard’s client dashboard, where clients can see their daily streams and how they correlate to their retail sales or marketing efforts. The Orchard’s longstanding partnership with Google has developed a new revenue line for clients over the past few years, but it has also added the ability to start driving YouTube’s massive traffic to digital retailers like iTunes for purchasing music and to YouTube’s new premium movie section for renting movies.  YouTube has become a content discovery service and a marketing tool as much as a significant revenue generator, positioning them as one of the only such hybrid models in the industry.



yet after ten years, the Orchard still hasn’t found a away to monetize our views into earnings like other digital distributors and merely pay fractions of a penny from spotify streams. Is the Orchard finally going to pay it’s clients for Youtube streams or back log pay for all the years we’ve missed out on?


Hi Rob, I understand your frustration. The efforts to convert the exploding traffic of user generated content streaming into revenue has been a very complicated feat, mainly because The Orchard is just one part of the equation. We have been reliant on the development of Google/YouTube’s technology (which has both its limitations and its incredible innovations) and on the very complex process of matching publishers and rights. Unlike Spotify and other audio-only streaming services, YouTube, being a video service with over 700 billion user videos, requires a more complex set of rights that involves matching, dividing and sorting delivery and data from The Orchard, publishers and many other content providers. Google has invested loads of time and money into a building a system that handles these complexities, and when dealing with such volume and complexity there were inevitably kinks to work out along the way. Luckily The Orchard has invested a lot of time and engineering resources to keep up with YouTube’s challenges, and the process is now entirely automated. Many of our clients are now seeing big checks from us for YouTube revenue. It will take another 6 months or so for this automated process of asset fingerprinting, video catalog scanning, rights matching and advertising deployment to catch up – given that we have over 2.5 million tracks and YouTube has such an incredible volume of videos. We could power a new MP3 store in a week, but YouTube is a completely different beast. But once caught up, I expect most labels to start seeing YouTube revenue in their top 5 revenue generators, if they haven’t already, potentially even #2 as early as next year.

On the music video side, The Orchard is the largest supplier to VEVO next to Sony, Universal and EMI, and VEVO handles our music video syndication to YouTube. In other words, we’re generating significantly more YouTube music video revenue for independent labels than any other independent distributor.

So stay tuned! It’s an exciting time to be an Orchard client…


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