The Orchard @ NARM

Because we’ve already proven that The Orchard’s VP & Associate General Counsel Jason Pascal is a first-class speaker, we’re certain you’ll be interested in hearing about his next conference.

On Thursday, November 3rd, Jason Pascal will be speaking at the NARM Entertainment & Technology Law Conference. The event takes place at the Offices of Greenberg Traurig in NYC, from 1PM-5:30PM.

Bouncing off of his CMJ conference on how to make money from the Cloud, Pascal will be participating in a conference on Cloud Media Deals and their benefits and disadvantages, along with experts from DiMA, IRIS Distribution, CH Potomac, Rhapsody and MasurLaw. See below for more information.


Cloud Media Deals: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Or All the Same?

Spotify, Amazon Cloud Player, Apple iTunes Music Store, Guvera, Grooveshark … So many opportunities, most are fundamentally different. How do you evaluate which deals are good? What are the differences between the models and monetization? What are the licensing issues? If regulatory and case law is primarily reactive, then it follows the cutting edge of music law is contract practice and how exactly the above questions are answered.

Panel participants:

  • Lee Knife, DiMA
  • Matt Laszuk, IRIS Distribution
  • David Leibowitz, CH Potomac
  • Adam Parness, Rhapsody
  • Jason Pascal, The Orchard
  • Moderator:  David Mazur, MasurLaw

See you there!

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