The Orchard Sets the Table for Oren Moverman’s “The Dinner”

Richard-Gere-The-DinnerCannes gave us another gift today as the Oren Moverman film The Dinner will be served via The Orchard after acquiring all North American distribution rights. The dramatic picture is based off of Herman Koch’s novel of the same name that received literature accolades worldwide. The Orchard plans on whetting your appetite soon with a release set for this fall.

The story follows two brothers and their wives, who find themselves at a fancy dinner discussing the typical topics of everyday life (work, holidays, etc.). However, below the swanky surface, the two couples’ sons committed an egregious crime together and a national manhunt for their unidentified children is in progress. The people at the dinner table are the only ones who know the identity of the culprits, and they delicately decide their next move as accessories at large.

Moverman adapted the screenplay from Koch’s best selling novel and picked up big names such as Richard Gere, Steve Coogan, Laura Linney, Rebecca Hall and more to play the book’s multidimensional characters.

Check out our press release for more info and check back for updates on this tasty Cannes pick up.

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