They May Be Dodos, But They Ain’t No ‘Fools’

Dodo duo Meric Long and Logan Kroeber sure do know how to rock out a crowd, and they proved their abilities to a packed Pitchfork Festival just over a week ago in Chi Town! They’ve been endlessly touring, hitting up all the hot spots, including Cake Shop and the Siren Festival , with Pitchfork being their latest conquest.

Luckily for all of those who were unable to make it, Pitchfork TV is playing host to some fantastic video footage of their performance of “Fools.” Long’s dual-mic setup keeps him busy during the authentically emotional flowing tune, while Kroeber turns his modest setup into a completely different kind of instrument. Their energy can be seen in the crowd, who were definitely soaking in the atmosphere of the show and feeding it back to the Dodos, creating a machine of entertainment unattainable for most.

As for now, The Dodos are taking a short but well deserved break before hitting the European road again in early August. They arrive back in the States to their home shores of San Francisco in late September, and will be warmly welcomed back in NYC days later–accompanied by another Rind fave, Au ! We can’t wait!

MP3: The Dodos – Ashley
MP3: The Dodos – Fools

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