Tobias Froberg favorited by “Peter Bjorn and John” singer

Peter Morén, the Peter of Swedish indie rock trio Peter Bjorn and John namechecked young singer-songwriter Tobias Fröberg in Pitchfork‘s Guest List column on Tuesday. He listed the song “She Is Becoming Her Mother Again”, off Fröberg third album Turn Heads [Cheap Lullaby], as one of his favorites of the past year.

“My good friend and co-producer has made a great new album with Turn Heads, and this beautiful hymn is my favorite song from it at the moment. Growing older, most of us recognizes our parents in ourselves, especially the less likable sides, but I’ve never heard a song about it before.”

Morén also guests on the album, contributing vocals to the track “Just Behind a Brick Wall.” The black-and-white and slightly Bergmanesque video, which features the two Swedes engaged in a rather intense game of chess under a single glaring bulb, was featured in Pitchfork‘s Forkcast back in April.

Turn Heads will be released May 13th on Cheap Lullaby.

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