We’re Thankful For… 15 Key Milestones at The Orchard

The Orchard is 15 years old! We’ve been on quite a ride since 1997, when things like Google, the iPod, YouTube, music hack days and Facebook didn’t exist. (Can’t wait to see what the next 15 years will bring.)

So, in honor of this birthday, the community of businesses and people that have contributed to our history and the changes we’ve experienced in the music industry, each month we’ll post 15 things that we’re thankful for. Let’s kick it off with some key events:

  1. Richard Gottehrer and Scott Cohen start The Orchard in the Lower East Side of New York City, when the LES was still punk rock (1997)
  2. We’re the first company to supply independent music to online retailer CDNOW (more like CDTHEN) (1998)
  3. Huge one stop Valley Media goes out of business, taking The Orchard’s clients’ CDs with it, and thrusting us into digital
  4. London Calling: We open our European headquarters in London (2003)
  5. iTunes asks, we deliver….. the largest catalog of independent music in the world (2003)
  6. We become the first independent distributor to hit one million paid downloads and streams; that’s a whole lotta customers served (2004)
  7. Since video killed the radio star, its about time we begin to digitally distribute video; we’re among YouTube’s first monetization partners and iTunes’ first independent film deals (2008)
  8. The heat is on – as in heat map! We enhance our client dashboard with the Release Builder content management system and basic marketing and analytics tools (2008)
  9. We add physical distribution to our platform of services, making it much easier for us to market across all retail channels (2008)
  10. Bigger better faster stronger… Deloitte ranks The Orchard as the 66th fastest growing technology company in North America, ahead of Sirius, Constant Contact and RIM (Research in Motion) (2009)
  11. Pitbull’s Orchard-distributed single “Krazy” is certified gold; damn, that’s Krazy (2009)
  12. Continuing the tradition of Orchard CEOs who have great hair, Brad Navin becomes CEO of The Orchard (2010)
  13. Jackpot! We celebrate profitability (2010)
  14. The Orchard Marketplace debuts with 20 sales and marketing tools from third-party partners, connecting our cool clients with cool companies through our API (2011)
  15. It’s all about scale… we’re digitally optimized with 91% of our catalogue processed via Release Builder (2011)

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