We ARE Tools…Introducing The New Release Builder

Yesterday, we announced the release of the next version of our proprietary Release Builder product. The first version of Release Builder enabled artists to enter metadata, upload artwork and audio, and play back audio on-the-fly through the Orchard Workstation one release at a time. The new version of Release Builder adds the following capabilities:

  • Upload hundreds of releases at once – upload a spreadsheet, artwork and audio for multiple releases. The Orchard’s system intelligently matches files to metadata and creates the releases.
  • Instantaneously create compilations, using existing and/or new tracks.
  • Copy a release, then add or subtract a track(s) to create exclusive versions for different digital retailers.

With the addition of the bulk uploader, Release Builder replaces the need for Orchard clients to deliver multiple releases through an FTP upload, a hard drive, or CDs, thereby drastically decreasing the amount of time it takes for music to be ingested into The Orchard’s V.E.C.T.O.R. delivery system. Clients can also quickly create compilations to generate new revenue opportunities around holidays and themes.

Release Builder was first launched in February 2008 and each version since has provided clients with an enhanced toolset. This version, in particular, is useful for all varieties of clients, whether it is a single artist with new front-line releases or a huge catalogue label. The releases uploaded to Release Builder are encoded through V.E.C.T.O.R. and then delivered to over 600 digital retailers around the world.

Get buildin’.

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