Welcome, Claudia!

ClaudiaOchoaIntroducing Claudia Ochoa, Client & Marketing Manager, Mexico

Hi everyone! I’m Claudia Ochoa, raised and born in Mexico City. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to develop The Orchard in Mexico and to work with many different labels.

I’ll tell you a little bit about myself, like a short Mexican telenovela but without all the drama! Like any teenager who loved music, I did my best to get tickets for concerts, saving money for months and participating in every contest around. I skipped school to get in line for tickets to the first The Cure concert in Mexico and even waited for six hours to get my favorite artist’s (at the time) autograph.

I studied Marketing in university and as a hobby, also studied Photography. My hobby led me to shoot my friends’ bands and to get invited to collaborate on different music projects. After graduating and having a ‘proper day job’ in Marketing, I continued to take photos and write about music on my friend’s blog, Me Hace Ruido, now one of the main indie-alternative music sites in Mexico. That gave me the opportunity to plan gigs, contact labels around the world, create compilations and mix my marketing degree with my music passion, leading me to working with bands and independent labels as a local project manager.

My photo hobby has also given me the chance to cover Coachella, SXSW and Primavera Sound for Rolling Stone in Mexico, collaborate for a B side project from Spin Magazine called Spin Earth, make animated GIFs for Noisey and Thump, shoot concert photos for Ticketmaster, some special portraits for Rockdeluxe (Spain) and the main concerts and music festivals in Mexico.

The Orchard is a great company for me and I’m really excited to see the results of working with local labels and helping them move towards the digital music market that is growing steadily in Mexico.

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