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ClubCorridos-AEver find yourself wishing you could expand your knowledge on regional Mexican culture? Looking to add a kick to your music library?

Introducing Club CorridosClubCorridos.com is a music streaming and social media hub that showcases The Orchard’s best-selling compilations on Mexican Corridos, Norteño and Banda.

You may be asking, what exactly is the Corrido? The Corrido is a popular epic ballad that traditionally involves simple guitar accompaniment. Lyrics tend to cover local or international events and explore themes such as fallen heroes and, more recently, drug trafficking, immigration and migrant labor.

Norteño and Banda are genres of Mexican music that while closely related to the Corrido, also have strong stylistic ties to the Polka and other popular music genres. A key difference between these two genres, however, is rooted in instrumentation; Norteño ensembles foreground the accordion and bajo sexto, whereas Banda is heavily brass-based. Like the Corrido, Banda and Norteño’s popularity is spreading rapidly throughout Americas and beyond.

Club Corridos is poised to become the Latin music lover’s definitive source for Corrido, Norteño, and Banda music and culture. On our site, you will find expertly curated compilations, featuring artists such as Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga, Chalino Sanchez, and Los Alegres del Barranco. Our compilations are available for sale on iTunes and Amazon and streaming is available through Spotify and YouTube.

To expand your knowledge of Corrido culture, you can visit our social media pages through the Club Corridos site. Facebook and Twitter will link you to a global network of Corrido, Norteño, and Banda fans, and provide you with the latest news on your favorite artists, including official music video releases and upcoming tour dates. Our Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr profiles offer audiovisual insight into the history, fashion, food and architecture that reflects the culture of these particular music genres. And last, but certainly not least, be the first to know about future Club Corrido releases and other relevant news by visiting our News page joining our mailing list.

Now that you’ve been enlightened on Mexican Corridos, Norteño and Banda, grab yourself a Modelo and prepare to be captivated by the music and lifestyle of Club Corridos!

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