Welcome, Glenn!

Glenn YonemitsuIntroducing Glenn Yonemitsu, Software Engineer, Video Retail

Hi, all. I’m Glenn Yonemitsu and I’m excited to be joining The Orchard as a software engineer. I was born in Philly and grew up in Queens, New York. And I even went to school here, where I got to be a part of my alma mater’s radio station, Baruch College (WBMB 87.9FM back then). There, I grew my love for music as well as finetuned some of my jadedness to get one step closer to the “they don’t make music like they did back then” phase of my life. Now you will likely catch me listening to Rinse FM and the sounds coming out from the London scene, but I also enjoy exploring the more obscure music genres.

Aside from music I am also a fan of e-sports, basketball, and a bit of motor sports. Though with technology enabling so much content creation and remixing, it might be safe to say I’m also into exploring all the niche content out there. And of course there is programming, which I have been doing since junior high school, self taught at a time without YouTube or coding bootcamps. When I graduated college, I worked at an agency and a couple of startups, and I look forward to continuing that journey as part of The Orchard’s team.

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