Welcome, Matt!

matt valerio the orchardIntroducing Matt Valerio, Technical Account Manager

I joined The Orchard family when the IODA merger happened, and I oversee deliveries to stores. I grew up in New Hampshire and spent pretty much my entire 20’s living in the Bay Area recording and touring as part of the Anticon label. I started working at the SF IODA office in 2007 and relocated to the IODA NY office at the end of 2010, where Erol [another fellow IODA-ian turned Orchard-ite] and I used to sing Journey songs to each other to help the days go by faster.

I love weird movies, outsider art and 80’s synth (among many other things). I also run an MP3 blog… who doesn’t these days? and just started an hour-long podcast, although I’m shy on the mic. Check it out here if you’re so inclined….

I’m happy to be on board. Everyone seems pretty awesome.

*Also, a little known fact…. Shepard Fairey was standing next to me when this picture was taken.

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