Welcome, William H.!

Introducing, William Harris, Label Manager, UK

A bit of background – my career in music started some time in the previous millennium at Our Price (ask your parents). LPs and cassettes were the dominant album formats and people were worried that home taping was killing music. After various stints in other music retailers including MVC and Alto, I worked at Vital Distribution, then in catalogue product & marketing at BMG, followed by Demon Music Group and more recently PIAS. Artists I’ve had the privilege of working with include; both Elvis’s, Lou Reed, Rick Astley, Nick Cave and Mr Tumble!

My music tastes are many and varied but as I share the home stereo with two boys aged two and five, I’m more familiar with the theme from Hey Duggee than anything currently occupying the charts. My other interests include film, reading and supporting West Ham United (I wouldn’t recommend it if you can’t handle disappointment).

I’m very happy to be joining The Orchard and and look forward to meeting and working with everyone.

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