What The #&@$ Do You Do, Airene?!?

AireneResurreccionAirene Resurreccion
Interactive Design Manager
Joined The Orchard in January 2012

We see you churning out designs by the dozens, but we’re not exactly sure what they all are and what their scope is. What the #&@$ do you do, and who the #&@$ do you do it for?!!?
I get design requests from different departments, but the majority of my work is for the Interactive Marketing department. I get the opportunity to design a lot of different things for a wide range of artists, which is my favorite part of my job. I get to create interactive splash pages, design playlist covers, create animated album trailer videos and sometimes album covers. Also, I design anything Orchard branded, which includes event invites and print collateral. As a designer, I get to flex a lot of muscles because I get to do Web Design, Branding, HTML/CSS and Motion Graphics.

Wow, that’s a lot. Can you walk us through the creation of an interactive splash page, from the ideation phase to the execution? How do you make each one fit the artist brand, keep it engaging and original each time?
Well we’re usually given the images and album artwork that the artist would like to feature on the splash page. Based on the look/theme of the album cover, I try to come up with ideas that would fit that same theme so that it still fits the artist brand. Sometimes, I’ll peruse design blogs or Pinterest to get ideas. Most of the time, I’ll come up with an idea and then go straight to designing on the computer. If the design doesn’t look the way I envisioned or certain things just don’t flow well together, I’ll sketch it out on paper.

I also try to think of how certain elements on the page will come into view or how a user will interact with the page, like hovering over a button or having a video pop up. These are all part of the user experience and important to consider while creating a design. Once I have the design done, it’s sent for approval by the artist or their label. When approved, I code the page so it functions and looks exactly like the design. It’s kind of complicated, but I’ve been creating splash pages for so long that it sounds simple in my head. Also, to keep things interesting, I try different functions or effects on the page, like Parallax scrolling or graphics animating. It doesn’t have to be over-complicated, but little details really make a design come to life and create a unique experience for the user.

Word on the street is you were the star of a dance battle at your own wedding… Alternate career path, maybe?
Omg! It’s a little embarrassing looking back now. It all started when I lost track of how many drinks I’d had and some of my favorite songs started to play. When those two combine, I just have to dance. The outcome is not always pretty. My mother-in-law teaches Zumba classes so I know she’s got moves for days and I wanted to dance with her. One thing led to another and the next thing I know there’s a circle of my cheering friends around us and I’m trying to bust my best moves! Looking back now, those were just my drunken dance moves and I probably looked crazy. Also, if I didn’t get into Art at an early age, I would have been a dancer. I think it’s still my secret dream job.

Maybe we can incorporate some dancing in our next Battle of the Bands and you can show us what you got! So glad to know what the #&@$ you do, Airene.

favorite design you’ve done at The Orchard and why: The Jedi Mind Tricks splash page because it was the first time I created a page using Parallax Scrolling. So it was a learning experience.
why you chose to work in music: I’m inspired by a lot of things, but music and art has the greatest impact on me as a person and as a designer.
what you’re most excited to do this summer: My best friends are coming to visit me this summer so I’m really excited to show them my favorite things about Brooklyn and be a tourist in Manhattan.
random fact: I’m double jointed at my elbows. It looks kinda gross and it’s not beneficial in any way, but I think it’s kinda cool haha!

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