Yosef For Yo’ Self

Some things just aren’t meant to be understood-things like quantum physics, Matthew McConaughey, and Splenda. How do they make sugar that has no calories, anyway!?! No matter, at times, world music can seem to be one of those things. To cross cultures can be a devastating feat to conquer, let alone to do it well. Israeli triple threat Tomer Yosef (comedian/actor/musician and touring member of Balkan Beat Box) puts all doubts to miserable shame with Laughing Underground , his valiant sophomore effort via JDub Records , set to come out later this month.

In the styles of other Rind faves DeLeon , Yosef takes something of a foreign entity and turns it into an American-fused artform; something immediately captivating to many an audience. Here’s where the true definition of “World Music” really comes into play: when you create a mixture of Reggae, Rock, Salsa, and just about any other kind of music imaginable to the human mind, you might come close to Tomer Yosef. When you take reggae free-styling and throw in some piano reminiscent of Dr. Dog and honky tonk (“Don’t Fly Away”), you might even be closer yet. The salsa flavor of “What’s Wrong” certainly does something for the release as well.

Laughing Underground definitely takes the genre to a new level, and does it with the kind of style that only a triple B (reminder: Balkan Beat Box) contributor can accomplish. So go out, blaze trails, and see for yourself what this guy is all about-otherwise, you’re missin’ out! And so what if Splenda isn’t such a mystery after all…

MP3: Tomer Yosef – Underground

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