YouTube Ads Your Way with Fan Finder

FanFinderYouTube made big strides this week in its efforts to drive subscribers to channels. With its new Fan Finder, YouTube is empowering creators to expand their audience while helping viewers find new content to enjoy. The tool allows channel owners to create an ad to represent their brand and channel. YouTube will show the video as a TrueView pre-roll ad to viewers who’s viewing behavior indicate they may be interested in that channel. A big win-win for both creators and viewers.

Fan Finder should prove to be a valuable asset for both newly launched channels as well as those looking to reach more fans. By matching channel ads with similar content, YouTube is giving channels an opportunity to reach a larger audience at no cost to them, allowing creators to showcase their brand in a unique way. Remember that these ads are skippable after five seconds, so make sure the video you use will have an impact in that timeframe. Check out YouTube’s best practices for Fan Finder to get some tips. You can also track your efforts by visiting Fan Finder under Channel Settings and clicking the “Analytics” button for your ads. Pay close attention to subscriber growth once your ad goes live — those are your most engaged viewers!

This type of advertising also introduces an interesting dynamic in viewer behavior and engagement. Instead of watching advertising for products and services, viewers will now start to see ads directing them toward more YouTube content. As a viewer, you may be more likely to discover new content and come back for more. For YouTube, this means more viewers using the platform for longer amounts of time. Extending the reach of its channels ultimately means more opportunity to grow viewership network-wide. Fans may start exploring more of the platform as Fan Finder ads guide them from channel to channel.

The most exciting part may just be what types of ads YouTube creators will come up with. Have a cool idea? Try it out on your own channel! Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Head over to
  2. Make sure you’re logged into your channel
  3. Click “Select Your Channel Ad”
  4. You’ll be asked to accept the terms of the program (don’t worry, YouTube won’t take your first-born)
  5. Select any public video from your channel as your ad — it should take about a week to run following YouTube’s reviewal process

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