YouTube Audio Library: Expand Your Creativity… License-Free

YT Audio LibraryAfter creating some unique video content, YouTubers often find themselves scrambling for background music to add to their masterpiece. Although publicly available copyrighted music can technically be used, it’s often matched by Content ID and monetized with ads by the copyright owner (or blocked entirely). This can be less than desirable for the creator. YouTube’s new Audio Library strives to change that.

The Audio Library offers license-free, downloadable music for creators to use in their videos. YouTube has made it possible to add audio tracks to videos for some time now, but until now, creators haven’t had much control of the audio that was made available. With the new Audio Library, YouTubers can now download the entire track and mix or edit it to fit their needs accurately. Previous audio was simply a “drag and drop” feature that limited creative flexibility.

At only 150 tracks, the Audio Library isn’t very expansive, but growing. YouTube provides a form for musicians and producers to submit their own music to the library. As this collection grows and appeals to more users, the library will surely become more comprehensive and will help provide YouTubers with a means of molding the audio of their videos to fit their creative vision, while avoiding unwanted consequences from the use of copyrighted content.

Users will now see a new section in their channels called “Creation Tools” which hosts the Audio Library. Tracks can be searched by genre, duration, instrument, and even mood. You can then download and edit any way you’d like to fit your new YouTube video. Try it out and see what you can come up with!

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