YouTube’s Audio Library Gets Spruced Up: New Tracks & Features

youtube-audio-library-550x205We introduced you to the YouTube Audio Library back in 2013, when license-free music and sound effects were made available to creators to download, edit and use in their YouTube videos. If you haven’t checked it out since then, now is the time, as 1,000 new tracks were recently added to the mix!

If royalty-free music isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but you’re hesitant to post your favorite song for fear that your video might be blocked or taken down by the copyright owner, then we have great news for you: Usage restriction information for popular music is now available in the “Ad-supported music” tab of the Audio Library. Just enter the song or artist name in the search bar and click on the track you’re looking to use. YouTube will tell you if your video will be viewable and in which territories, as well as whether ads will show on your video due to the copyright owner’s monetization policy.

audio library

Find out more about the Audio Library here… then start creating!

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