Explore YouTube’s New Copyright Claims Troubleshooter

YouTube_CopyrightHave you recently received a notification from YouTube regarding a copyright claim but are unsure of what it means? Well, have no fear, YouTube user! YouTube’s launched a new Copyright Claims Troubleshooter in their Help Center, making it easier than ever to pinpoint specific copyright issues related to your YouTube videos. The troubleshooter takes you step by step through multiple scenarios, such as receiving a notification that your video was removed, and outlines the actions you can take to resolve the issue.

Start by looking up the status of your video in the Copyright Notices section of your channel’s account, then choose the option that best applies to your video. The Troubleshooter provides seven common options to choose from, including “Removed (copyright strike)” or “Video blocked worldwide.” You’ll then learn what this notification means and what steps you need to take, if any. For example, if you’ve received a notification that your video “Matched third-party content,” it could mean that you’ve uploaded a video featuring music that is owned by another copyright owner. Your video is still viewable, but the copyright owner may be running ads or tracking viewership statistics. You have the option to replace the music,  dispute the claim, or allow the copyright owner to claim the video.

Next time you receive a copyright notification on your video, keep in mind that YouTube’s Help Center has a ton of helpful information! Better yet, play around with the troubleshooter now to educate yourself and prepare for future uploads.yt copyright troubleshooter

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This article is cool n informative!

What isn’t so cool is the user-experience the moment one enters the Youtube Help Center. It is so exhaustive and over-populated with content queries and answers (in fact you’ve mentioned in your article as – ‘tons of helpful information’) that at times, it becomes a ‘challenge’ to get the right answers (this takes both time, patience and knowing ‘how to search’:)
When time is at a premium, I’d prefer a straight Q&A with Customer Support for an answer than mining tons of questions & answers.


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