Review New YouTube Revenue in Workstation Accounting

YouTube_StudioWith the coming of the Fall and your next statement, get ready to dig into new revenue around YouTube in The Orchard Workstation. You heard right: YouTube Music Key and Resolved Conflicts have both started earning you some money, and you can review exactly how much and across what tracks in Accounting.

YouTube Music Key

First comes Music Key, YouTube’s subscription service aimed at providing users with high quality music streaming. Subscribers pay a monthly fee for ad-free listening and a number of additional features. While Music Key has not yet fully launched, YouTube has been tracking the number of participants using the service in Beta and we are now able to pay you for subscriber views on your content.

These views may be coming from UGC (user-generated content), videos on your partnered channels, or Art Tracks, which are videos auto-generated by YouTube for the purpose of creating Album Playlists in Music Key. Art Tracks are viewable in both the ad-supported and subscription-based plans, and consist of your sound recording, album artwork and relevant track info. You may have seen them hanging around YouTube before but they look a little something like this: The Raveonettes – Bang!.

You can break down this revenue in Accounting using our Sources filter and selecting “YouTube Music Key” or listed under the Sources view.

Resolved Conflicts

Now let’s get to a big change in YouTube’s monetization landscape: earning revenue for resolved conflicts! A conflict occurs when one or more providers on YouTube claim rights on a single piece of content (sound recording, music video, etc.) for the same territory. In the past, YouTube did not place ads on views in conflict, therefore not monetizing or generating revenue on associated views. YouTube has since begun monetizing these views, and pays out the exclusive rightsholder once the conflict is resolved. If you have been super active in resolving conflicts in the past, you may see a bump in revenue in an upcoming statement! This revenue will appear alongside your regular ad-supported earnings under Sources: “YouTube” in your Workstation Accounting.

One Comment

Radha Sahar

Good new re YouTube, and thank you for the superb, reliable service you continue to provide.

We’ve not caught up with You Tube yet, but realize that, for some years, numerous people have put up simple visuals or stills as backgrounds to the music we own. Their channels may or may not be monetized. Some credit us, others do not.

My questions are:
1. Will our tracks on the You Tube services you mention, be traceable back to us, so we are identified as the legal owners?

2. Same question regarding the tracks people have already ‘stolen’ – will our ownership be able to be ‘picked up’ so to speak.

… Or will we have to identify each ‘video’ on whoever’s channel, and contest it with You Tube? (I gloomily presume it is the latter for content already up there, but just want to check).
Thanks again!

Radha Sahar (a.k.a Wardrop)
Universal Children’s Audio (UCA Music)
New Zealand


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