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Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 10.49.13 PMThe value of subscribers in measuring a channel’s traction is becoming more and more apparent on YouTube. When earnings are based on small fractions of view counts, you need to rely on return visits to really see a return on your efforts. Because you can’t always bet on a random video going viral, subscribers are your life line to keeping a steady stream of views. To help channels bridge the gap to subscribers, YouTube now allows creators to embed a subscribe button to any of their sites.

Channels can now rope in subscribers from just about anywhere on the web. By adding a couple of lines of code, you can now embed a subscribe button to any of your sites and with the click of a button, your visitor is now a subscriber.

Although it’s always been possible to embed a link to your YouTube channel or videos, the barrier to actually subscribe has now been lowered. Prior to this update, users would have to click a link to your channel, be redirected there, and hopefully find and click the subscribe button on your channel. The extra steps sounds small, but in the web world, every one creates significant space between your user and the action you want them to take.

For music channels on YouTube, this could be a helpful addition to your toolkit. YouTube for music is still largely a search and discover platform. YouTubers searching for songs will often find them, listen and then move on, without much care for the channel it came from. Being able to grab a potential subscriber from more locations gives labels and artists the chance to convert some of those return views by casting a wider net.

Want to try it out? All you need is your channel name and access to your site to paste in the code. Here’s how.

Check out our own subscribe link in action below. We’ve embedded the default version, and added the title to our channel manually underneath:

The Orchard – Independent Music, Film and Video Distribution

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