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Beats Music: A New Way To Listen

Congratulations to our friends at Beats Music, who today have just launched their first streaming music application! Similar to many other services in the market, Beats Music is an all-you-can-eat streaming music service available for $9.99 a month. What makes Beats stand out from the rest, you might ask? Simple… human curation! Combining both human-curated… Read more »

Ladies and Gents, iTunes 11 Has Arrived

iTunes 11 is here! With a complete redesign of both the iTunes player and the iTunes store, we wanted to point out some great new features that you can use to optimize your listening and shopping experience. First, let’s start with the player itself. You will notice when you first open iTunes 11 that there… Read more »

How to Post Buy Links and Not Alienate Fans

Social media has become a very useful tool for delivering information to an artist’s fans. This is especially true around release date of a new album… and all digital retailers know it! Posting retailer-specific buy links on street week for a new product has become one of the most common asks when pitching for placement…. Read more »