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Pandora Premium Is Here & It ‘Sounds Like You’

You have likely noticed the new ‘Sounds Like You’ campaign that Pandora has launched to announce the arrival of Pandora Premium, their new paid on-demand subscription service. Pandora Premium is now available to all users on mobile via the Apple App Store and Google Play. The ‘Sounds Like You’ promotion is an artist driven marketing campaign… Read more »

Amazon Prime Music Kicks Off in the U.S.

It seems that everyone is getting into the streaming music market these days, including Amazon who launched Amazon Prime Music in the United States late last week. The new service is being bundled into the existing Amazon Prime subscription service rather than launched as a standalone product. That means that existing Amazon Prime customers paying $99 a… Read more »

Snagging iTunes Single of The Week Around The World

Have you ever downloaded a free Single of the Week from iTunes? It’s a great promotional tool for consumers to discover new artists that they might not know. Recently, a few of my colleagues from The Orchard’s global retail team secured this feature for some of their local artists. Snagging this promotion is not easy,… Read more »

Turn An Ear (Or Two) to South Africa

One of our labels, Next Music in South Africa, has released a trio of albums in the last month that are definitely worth mentioning as these red hot releases, ranging from Hip Hop, Gospel and Electronic/Alternative, bring us proof that the South African music scene has continued to flourish in the last few years. These three albums from… Read more »

This LARK is Not A Bird, But A Band… A Cool Ambient Electronic Band from South Africa

Some critics have described LARK‘s music as a powerful union of live instrumentation, soaring vocals and dirty electronic beats. Lead singer Inge Beckmann has an unparalleled ability to stun audiences with her voice and her presence. Their unique production and sound design is the work of producer and instrumentalist Paul Rez. Together, Paul and Inge formed… Read more »