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5 Electronic Artists that Stood Out at CMJ 2013

October 22, 2013 Artist News No Comments

CMJ-2013While CMJ is traditionally a buzzfest for Indie bands, there’s always some great Electronic music to be found as well. Although EDM has been the big story this year, Indie and underground Electronic music has also flourished. And as with all things Indie, The Orchard distributes some of the best. Quite a few found their way into CMJ shows, and we here at The Orchard want to share the bounty of good music.


Blue Sky Black Death, Sister Crayon, The Range at Cameo Gallery

Blue Sky Black Death has a cinematic approach to Hip Hop beatmaking that long since left genre boundaries in the rearview. They are more than capable of making everything from Drone to Apocalyptic Trap to Synth Pop, and have collaborated with vocalists like Jean Grae, Myka 9, Deniro Farar and Nacho Picasso (to name just a few). But their music is most ambitious when they head off into their own inner worlds. Symphonic compositions like their seminal 2008 record Late Night Cinema or the very Bristolian release A Heap of Broken Images inevitably draw comparisons to legends like Massive Attack.

Sister Crayon is another great Electronic act The Orchard distributes. Starting as a solo act reliant on loop pedals and guitar, the addition of MPC beats and a full band has resulted in a remarkable sound not unlike a higher-fi Coco Rosie. Their full length Bellow is excellent. I also have to mention The Range — even though he’s not an Orchard artist, the introspective beats on his recent full length Nonfiction (stream here) make for one of the most compelling beat-driven albums of the year.

Ghostly International Unofficial CMJ Party: Com Truise, Joel Ford, Lord Raja, Heathered Pearls, Patrick Russell, Nitemoves, Contakt at Output

Ghostly International are a label The Orchard is certainly very proud to be working with in 2013. They’ve distinguished themselves not only with consistently innovative and expertly crafted music but also with gorgeous art and expertly executed marketing campaigns. Unsurprising, then, that their CMJ showcase was not only at the best new club in NYC, but also packed with great artists. Headliner Com Truise‘s analog night driving music sounds like sex on that soundsystem, and the rest of the Ghostly lineup no doubt kept things classy. You can always expect synthy delights and atmospheric vibes in this lineup from one of the most tasteful labels in bass music.


Pitchfork CMJ Showcase: Ryan Hemsworth, KELELA, Traxman, The Range, Jahiliyya Fields, Huerco S., Mas Ysa, J-Cush at 285 Kent

There’s a reason you can’t escape the name Ryan Hemsworth. Few producers can evoke emotion from layered samples the way he does, and almost none has his ear for weird Pop production. He’s been remixing and collaborating his way to the top of the internet charts for a few years now, but his debut album Guilt Trips is coming out today — stream the whole thing on Pitchfork Advance.

LAZERPOP CMJ Party: The Hood Internet, Chrissy Murderbot, E-603 at Glasslands

Chrissy Murderbot has a lot of hats — he’s a producer with several albums out on heavyweight Electronic label Planet Mu, he runs two labels (Loose Squares and Sleazetone, both of which we proudly distribute) and he’s a Dance music historian (his Year of Mixtapes project is like the Smithsonian of Dance music). Most of all though, he’s a DJ dedicated to making people sweat with funky, high energy club music infused with ribald humor. Heavily influenced by the juke and ghetto House of his hometown, Chicago, Murderbot makes future music rooted in an encyclopedic understanding of the past. Highly recommended.

Relive Our #orchcruise Summer Party!

July 22, 2013 Orchard News No Comments

aqua azul

Last Thursday, The Orchard had its annual summer employee party. These parties are famous for the awesome venues, food and music, and infamous for the 3-hour open bar.

This year, we decided to step things up a bit and host it on the ridiculously luxurious yacht, the Aqua Azul. Docked on the Hudson, this would have been an amazing place to spend the Fourth of July (which is probably why Nicki Minaj did just that).

The Aqua Azul features a sound system that pipes music to all four floors. Being a music company, we took full advantage of this and curated mixes and playlists from various employees who DJ. 4 hours of music is a bit much for one blog post, but we wanted to share some of the sweet jams with you guys.

As we shoved off, John Dupre’s yacht rock playlist supplied the smoothest possible vibes.

Later in the evening, once the sun went down, things got a little dancier. I made a mix of Soul and R&B House remixes. Not to toot my own horn, but it was pretty nice.

And while all this was happening, the cruise served canapés and wine before moving on to a sumptuous dinner and dessert.


Peeps mingled.


And obligatory photo ops were had. (You can view more of them by searching for #orchcruise on Instagram.)


Best summer boat party ever? I think so! Check out our Facebook album and I think you’ll see why.

Accounting Gets a Revamp

The Orchard AccountingHere in the Product department, we’re always busy building cool stuff to make life (and business) easier for our clients. This time, we’re very pleased to announce the launch of a brand new Accounting section. Please, everyone, calm down. Excuse me, sir, can you put your shirt back on? This is a family blog. Thanks.

We’ve rebuilt Accounting from the ground up — updating the look and feel, improving the workflow, and boosting performance. The user experience should be more painless than ever.

Our new accounting can now generate combined statements, showing you expenses, checks, adjustments, and your net balance over your selected time span and multiple periods. This can generate a lot of pages, so we’ve also added a “go to page” box down by the pagination, so you never have to click 37 times to get to page 38.

Filtering is now much easier and more powerful, too. While viewing your revenue breakdown, you can filter by any criteria, or combinations. Only interested in how a certain release has sold? Filter by release (multiple versions are differentiated by their UPCs). Want to see if that iTunes UK promotion was worth it? Filter by store, then by country. The filters are designed to be played with, so you can add or remove them one at a time, or en masse.

Exports are now easier than ever too. You can now export your accounting statement in Excel or plain text, filtered or not, on the Statements page.

The most common question around accounting, of course, is “When will I get paid?” To that end, we’ve redesigned the Statements page to be clearer and easier to read. It now gives you a more accurate estimate of when your check will be cut, based on your contract type.

Those are just the highlights — for more, check out the demo below and if you’re an Orchard client, go see it for yourself in The Orchard Workstation!

The Sky’s The Limit! Analytics Opens Up to Social Media

September 18, 2012 Client Tool, Featured News No Comments

The Orchard AnalyticsWe know we just shared some exciting updates to our Analytics product a few weeks ago, but we have yet another one we’re dying to announce: in addition to tracking our clients’ sales and streams of audio and video, Analytics can now track social media data from Facebook! Instead of relying on hunches and guesswork, our clients will  be able to look at hard data to see if their social media efforts are driving sales.

There are three new channels that detail Facebook activity: Fans Gained, Fans Lost and Engagement. Fans Gained is the total number of people who “liked” your Facebook fan page. Fans Lost is the total number of people who “unliked” your page. Engagement is how your fans react to your artists’ Facebook content: comments, Likes, mentions, content shares, posts to your Wall, event RSVPs, photo tags, etc. Facebook displays a monthly total of this on a fan page, and calls it “People talking about,” but Analytics can give you daily counts.

That said, these new channels will only show up if you have connected at least one artist’s Facebook account in Artist Builder. You can check this in Artist Builder, under the social connections tab. Make sure each artist or film is connected to its own account. If they aren’t connected to any accounts, they won’t display any social data in Analytics; and if an artist is connected to the same account as other artists (such as a label fan page), all the artists connected to that account will display a skewed daily total in their social channels.

The Orchard Analytics is available to all clients of The Orchard, providing labels, artists and filmmakers with information they can use to make smarter marketing decisions and spends — and now, in particular, evaluate the effectiveness of social media!

The Orchard Analytics Joins Forces with Amazon, Spotify and YouTube

Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, The OrchardBrace yourselves, Orchard clients — we have yet another awesome update to The Orchard Analytics. We are now giving you daily data feeds of AmazonMP3 U.S. sales, and streams from Spotify and Rdio. For video, we’ve fixed the YouTube feed, which now updates weekly, and added video download and rental data from Xbox.

This means that all Orchard clients have access to an unprecedented smorgasbord of digital media intelligence. While the new data feeds are automatically added to your overview graphs, here’s how to see just the new stuff: in the top panel of the Overview page, to the left of the Apply button, there are two dropdown menus. You’ll find the new data feeds under the first one, All Sources. If you only want to see your Amazon numbers, select Amazon from the list, hit apply, and then use Analytics as normal — your results will only show data from Amazon. If you want to compare how you are performing in different stores (say, Rdio and Spotify) you can do that by going to a detail page. Below the graph, select the fourth Breakdown option, “Stores.” Once it’s loaded, you can check on and off the stores you want to see.

We’re thrilled about all this new data, because more data means all out clients can make smarter decisions. AmazonMP3 is our second biggest store besides iTunes, and one of the fastest growing digital marketplaces in the world — we’re only tracking Amazon U.S. for now, but the rest of the world will come soon! Streaming services like Spotify and Rdio are increasingly becoming the go-to option for “checking out this new band.” As social media becomes even more central to marketing and promotion, your plays on streaming music services become a very low-latency barometer of your label’s buzz and impact. With daily feeds, you can now see how many plays your artists and releases are getting, and quickly adjust your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

So go check out all your new data in Analytics! Because we don’t want you to wonder; we want you to know.

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