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Brace Yourself: The Orchard Brings Historic Shrapnel Records Catalog to Digital

Mike Varney created Shrapnel Records in 1980 as the first dedicated metal label. With the introduction of the Tone Center and Blues Bureau International imprints, he developed the Shrapnel Label Group into the definitive home of guitar-based excellence, bringing legendary guitarists like Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman and many more to worldwide attention.

Praise the Lord! The Orchard Buys 2 Gospel Catalogs!

The Orchard recently completed the purchase of two venerable Gospel catalogs — Blackberry Records and MCG Records. Blackberry, a Jackson, MS company, is centered around The Williams Brothers, a multi-generational act now in its 55th year. Founded by Leonard “Pop” Williams in 1960, the band currently consists of brothers Doug and Melvin Williams, along with… Read more »

Witchcraft, Paganism, Black Magic and Illuminati Imagery

The above are words taken from the complaint in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed recently in the Eastern District of Missouri. While accusations of witchcraft, paganism, black magic and Illuminati imagery may seem mundane given the state of the nation, this one is notable given the parties: the plaintiffs include Christian rappers Flame and Lecrae, and… Read more »

Get Your Bachata On: The Orchard and Premium Latin Music Expand Partnership

The Orchard and Premium Latin Music have entered into a new, long-term license which expands the companies’ relationship to collection of neighboring rights monies and manangement of the Aventura You Tube channel. Dormant for several years, Aventura’s You Tube channel nevertheless has 392,000 subscribers. Beginning in 2014, The Orchard and Premium Latin will partner to… Read more »

Relax! The Orchard Has You Covered with Talking Taco

The Orchard is happy to announce our acquisition of the Talking Taco catalogue. Talking Taco, the work of Ben Tavera King and his late wife, Vickie, began in 1985 with Native American flute releases that were sold to gift shops in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. The label expanded to include a large variety of Latin… Read more »