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Music Down Under: Take It From An Aussie

November 5, 2012 Artist News No Comments

As the token Australian expat, living in ye olde London and working at The Orchard’s EU HQ, I wanted to take a moment to reminisce about home.

As the winter woolies come on and the days get darker, I find myself counting down the minutes until I jump on a jet plane and experience a long overdue ‘proper’ summer! Glorious sunshine, endless days of hot weather, beach after perfect beach, amazing boutique beers and, of course, the great Aussie BBQ!

Australia is an amazing place and if you ever get the chance to visit, I highly recommend it — not just for its unique natural environment and amazing weather, but its fabulous people, happening nightlife and outstanding local music scene. Whether you want to sip a cocktail in a fine bar overlooking Sydney Harbour whilst getting your dance on or find the latest pop-up bar in some hip Melbourne laneway, there’s something for everyone.

Australian music has been seeping out into the wider world for a while now, and we here at The Orchard have a few crackin’ things in our catalogue as well! Here’s a playlist with a few of my current favourites, including Electric Empire, who just released their new EP Changin’, the enchanting Emma Louise, who recently performed at our NY office’s Stairwell Series and the Jazz/Blues/Pachuco songwriter and vocalist extraordinaire Mojo Juju, who recently went solo from the Aussie-festival-fave big band, The Snake Oil Merchants.

So, go on, crack open a beer, throw another shrimp on the barbie and just imagine you’re there.

The Orchard’s Got The Power! …Of People

July 4, 2012 Orchard News No Comments
The Orchard Olympics

Brad Navin (CEO) fighting Jakob Kuznicki (VP, GSA) at The Orchard Olympics

Last week, The Orchard’s European offices had its annual get together, inclusive of our very own ‘Orchard Olympics,’ just to get into the spirit of things!

I already knew we had a pretty special team with a diverse range of skills, talents, passions and interests, but as I surveyed the group over the next 3 days, I really began to understand just what an incredible bunch of people my workmates are! Nay, not just that I work with, but people that make things happen for our company, clients and our accounts.

When I looked around, this is what I saw: The USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, Denmark, India and The Netherlands. I also came across a Classical expert, a Dance music buff, an Electronica DJ, a Blues man (or two), a Michael Jackson fanatic, a Metal head and several Indie hipster kids. But that was only scratching the surface! I also found a breakdancer, a few boxers, a yogi, a vegan, many football fanatics, some karaoke superstars (and some that were not), some savvy speakers, some smooth talkers, some quirky eaters (Chinese-style frog legs anyone?) and a couple of wild style dressers!

We were old(er), young guns, interns, company founders, territory leaders, CEOs, client managers, operations, marketing, business development, physical and artist services — some of us with all things rolled into one!

Phew…!  That’s alot of good people, from a load of diverse places, doing many great things!

So, it really struck me, The Orchard is not just about our great technology, it’s truly about our people — all kinds of people, everywhere. We have someone that can help you with anything, and in many languages! Need a hand with that next Michael Jackson karaoke performance? Perhaps in a Metal style? Just let us know… we’ve got just the person to help!

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: Glnk It!

glnk it: the easiest way to share pre-order links!So you’re a band and thanks to this wonderful thing called ‘the world wide web’ (old school!) you have gained fans as far and wide as Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Poland, the USA and everywhere in between. It’s a great thing!

And then there’s this place called ‘Facebook‘ and something else called ‘Twitter‘ and you need to spend time communicating with your masses of fans in every part of the globe. So far, so good, you’ve got it covered!

But you have an album coming up… And it’s good; really good! The blogs are buzzing! And then, your label is nagging you, your manager is nagging you… “Don’t forget to post your iTunes preorder link on your social media pages! Let’s get those fans excited!”

So off  you go, heading to your local iTunes store and grabbing the iTunes preorder link with a simple ‘right click’ on the cover. Easy. You head over to your Facebook page and post it there. Job Done. But wait… All your fans outside of the USA are posting “Where’s the link for Australia? Brazil? Ireland?!” What to do?!

Glnk it!

Glnk is a simple way to combine multiple links, defined by country codes! When your fans click on your glnk they will be redirected to the link specific to the country they’re in! And you can log into this easy to use service right from your Facebook account. How good is that?!

So go on then, get cracking. Glnk it.

Cookin’ Up A Storm

August 18, 2011 Artist News No Comments

Have you heard of Hollie Cook yet?  No?  Yes? Well, if you haven’t yet, you will do soon.  We’ve been watching this little London lady cook up a steady storm over 2011, slowly but surely capturing hearts & nations across Europe.

So who the hell is she?  The lady has heritage!  Daughter of Sex Pistol, Paul Cook, Hollie has been surrounded in a proverbial musical melting pot from a young age – Punk, Pop, New Wave, Reggae – it was all there.

Long time friend & lead singer of The Slits, Ari Up didn’t have too hard a time convincing a young Hollie to ditch performing arts school, alongside the modeling, and come and join the band.  After touring with the band and recording vocals for Revenge of the Killer Slits, Ari affectionately dubbed Hollie as the band’s “second singer”.  It was only then natural for her to gravitate to recording on the long player, ‘Trapped Animal’, where she lent both vocal stylings & keyboard prowess.

Bring on 2011!  We watched Hollie take it solo this year after signing with esteemed UK world & dub music label, Mr Bongo.  Teaming up with producer, Mike Pelanconi aka Prince Fatty (Producer of Lilly Allen’s ‘Alright Still’), Hollie spawned her sun-splashed self-titled debut album, released in June.  Her summer-soaked reggae-pop vibes have been infiltrating radio, tv and press across Europe with not 1, but 2 wins on BBC Radio 6 Rebel Playlist to boot!

Ms Cook is one to watch in 2011/2012 so if you haven’t heard of her yet, get to it! Put on the perfect soundtrack while it’s still summer outside.  Check out Hollie Cook on Spotify or buy the album on iTunes.  Coming up on September 5 you can also grab the hot remixes of ‘Walking in the Sand’ by Sheldrake of Example fame.

Now, for a bit of friendly viewing, check out Hollie performing a cover of ‘Paparazzi’ on French & German television channel Arte.

Seamless Recordings and Beatport ‘Live The Dream’ DJ Contest featuring Boy George and Robert Owens

June 10, 2010 Artist News 1 Comment

Fancy yourself a bit of a DJ? Have visions of yourself hob-knobbing alongside the world’s biggest and best superstar DJ’s in no less than the clubbing paradise that is Ibiza? Keep reading… we have just the ticket for you!

Seminal UK house music label, Seamless Recordings, has teamed up with leading online dance music portal, Beatport, to help you ‘Live The Dream’. One lucky, budding DJ superstar will receive the opportunity of a lifetime to DJ alongside Boy George and Robert Owens at the uber chic Sands Beach Club in Ibiza in September. The winner will be flown out from their home country to play the event and the VIP after party Hotel Es Vive before returning home as not only an international DJ legend in their own right, but also as the latest addition to the Seamless Recordings artist roster. That’s right, this lucky person will also be recording their own full length DJ mix album for Seamless which will be released exclusively on Beatport.

So, what do you need to do to enter?! It’s simple really. Head over to and purchase the cracking new single “The Making of You (featuring Robert Owens)” and work this into your own 30 minute epic, floor filling DJ mix!

You gotta be in it to win it! For more information and full competition terms and conditions, please head over to:

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