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Music Down Under: Take It From An Aussie

As the token Australian expat, living in ye olde London and working at The Orchard’s EU HQ, I wanted to take a moment to reminisce about home. As the winter woolies come on and the days get darker, I find myself counting down the minutes until I jump on a jet plane and experience a… Read more »

The Orchard’s Got The Power! …Of People

Last week, The Orchard’s European offices had its annual get together, inclusive of our very own ‘Orchard Olympics,’ just to get into the spirit of things! I already knew we had a pretty special team with a diverse range of skills, talents, passions and interests, but as I surveyed the group over the next 3… Read more »

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: Glnk It!

So you’re a band and thanks to this wonderful thing called ‘the world wide web’ (old school!) you have gained fans as far and wide as Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Poland, the USA and everywhere in between. It’s a great thing! And then there’s this place called ‘Facebook‘ and something else called ‘Twitter‘ and you need… Read more »

Cookin’ Up A Storm

Have you heard of Hollie Cook yet?  No?  Yes? Well, if you haven’t yet, you will do soon.  We’ve been watching this little London lady cook up a steady storm over 2011, slowly but surely capturing hearts & nations across Europe. So who the hell is she?  The lady has heritage!  Daughter of Sex Pistol,… Read more »

Seamless Recordings and Beatport ‘Live The Dream’ DJ Contest featuring Boy George and Robert Owens

Fancy yourself a bit of a DJ? Have visions of yourself hob-knobbing alongside the world’s biggest and best superstar DJ’s in no less than the clubbing paradise that is Ibiza? Keep reading… we have just the ticket for you! Seminal UK house music label, Seamless Recordings, has teamed up with leading online dance music portal,… Read more »