MUSO Continues The Fight Against Piracy with New Updates

September 16, 2013 Client Tool, Featured News 1 Comment

muso_DR_featOur anti-piracy Marketplace partner, MUSO, has some exciting updates to share in their constant fight against illegal downloads and sharing. Here to introduce them to us in this guest post is Co-Founder and Music Services Division Head, Andrew Chatterley.

Since making our service available in The Orchard Marketplace, we’ve continually expanded our suite of features to help rights holders deal effectively with piracy issues. MUSO‘s easy-to-use browser-based dashboard helps track illegal content from over 2 billion piracy webpages and facilitates the removal of illegal content across cyberlockers, torrents and illegal streaming sites. MUSO also automatically optimizes Google search results, giving rights holders a fighting chance to promote their content to potential audiences in the best way possible.

In its latest developments, MUSO recently announced a world first for online anti-piracy, signing a deal with Russian social networking site An alternative to Facebook, the site boasts 250 million users. VK is the second most visited website in Russia and is seen as their most important channel for social media marketing. The problem for rights owners is that the site is also widely used as a portal to allow free and easy access to one of the world’s largest archives of unlicensed music and video, with a reported 77% of files being unauthorized. This results in having a devastating financial impact across the global music industry costing potentially up to $1 billion to rights owners.

As Co-Founder and Head of the Music Services division, I always say that this is a landmark day for anti-piracy across the music industry. This agreement, which affects European and other global rights owners, will see commencement into the removal of hundreds of MP3 sites that are freely making available their entire audio library to 32 million people via’s interface. We are very happy to have agreed to a system of implementing the removal of infringing content with The rise of illegal MP3 one-click download and streaming sites are one of the biggest challenges facing the industry and MUSO is committed to staying one step ahead in helping our clients deal with their illegal piracy problems.

To expand a bit more, MUSO‘s agreement with VK allows the constant monitoring of their site, automatically sending takedowns if a VK user uploads the same track again. MUSO’s global client base will therefore be able to remove any illegal files available on VK’s API in an easy one-click process. Removing these live links from the hundreds of illegal sites linked through VK’s API will also help thwart the growing trend for English-language sites to use this API to provide downloads of not just MP3 files, but also videos and software. Websites like and are two such examples and lead millions of users to download unlicensed songs for free, preventing artists from receiving any revenue.

The new VK takedown tool is available immediately, and you can take advantage of it straight from The Orchard Marketplace.

Fuck Buttons Make Beautiful Noise on ‘Slow Focus’

July 29, 2013 Artist News No Comments

slow focus fuck buttonsUK Electronic duo Fuck Buttons just released their first album in four years and have already received an impressive amount of critical acclaim. The much-anticipated Slow Focus, out now on ATP Recordings, is the first self-produced album by members Benjamin John Power and Andrew Hung. With a haunting quality that will leave you wanting more, it doesn’t take much time to get caught up in Fuck Buttons‘ effortless ability to blend synth, percussion and rhythm tracks in an eloquent and consuming way.

Slow Focus has received the titles of “Album of the Month” from The Skinny and “Best New Music” from Pitchfork, who praise the album for being “smooth, polished, and lovingly molded.” British tastemaker NME states, “they can be proud of what they continue to achieve,” and The Guardian has dubbed the pair “kings of noise,” – one can see why after listening to their powerful and gritty beats that resonate like the soundtrack to an epic thriller.

Indulge in Slow Focus, and take what Mixmag describes as, “a grisly journey into the unknown” to see what the buzz is about. You can also see what the critics are raving about in person as Fuck Buttons tour throughout Europe and the USA this summer and fall. Full dates below.

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Between Bruce Springsteen and San Siro Stadium: Negramaro at The Biscuit Factory

July 25, 2013 Artist News No Comments

NegramaroBetween sharing the stage with Bruce Springsteen at the Hard Rock Calling festival and taking off on a new tour to celebrate their tenth anniversary album, Italian Rock band Negramaro found time to stop by and take over our London office.

Negramaro’s latest album, Una Storia Semplice, is a collection of 24 hits and 6 brand new tracks to celebrate their ten years in music. The upcoming tour in support of the album will also take them back to the San Siro Stadium in Milan, where they performed in 2008 in front of more than 40,000 people. A pleasant stop on the way, Negramaro performed for our Biscuit Factory Sessions, treating us to an acoustic version of some of their most famous hits and a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire.” We also had the chance to ask them a few questions about their career and their take on digital.

In the past ten years, the band has put a lot of effort in trying to keep up with new technologies, both on the production and distribution side, using any digital platform that has proven itself useful and functional to their main goal, which is reaching out to and interacting with their fans. Negramaro is present on all sorts of social networks, where fans can access different types of content: high quality backstage and live videos, pictures, and info regarding the members’ tastes and personality, such as a selection of the band’s favorite movie posters on Pinterest.

To provide the best fan experience possible, the band often shoots pictures and short videos for any occasion (as it happened in our office), and posts them on their social networks to continuously offer fresh contents. In their words: “Our aim is building a relationship with our fans, keeping in mind that technology is only a tool that allows to interact with people.”

Catch Negramaro’s performances of “Estate” and “Parlami d’Amore” on our YouTube channel.

Post written by Sara Lunardelli.

A Look Into Radar: How To Make Great Music Videos Cheaply

Radar Music VideosWe recently launched an app in The Orchard Marketplace which makes it its goal to pair artists and labels with the perfect director for their music videos.

This app, Radar Music Videos, has quite a few success stories to support its mission, and in this guest blog post, Caroline Bottomley, Managing Director of Radar, is going to share two of them.

Read up, and if you’re a client of The Orchard, install Radar Music Videos in the Marketplace.

Alt-J “Breezeblocks” — Director: Ellis Bahl

The Artist/Label and The Brief

Spring last year, Infectious Music posted a music video brief for their new UK signing Alt-J on Radar, with the teasing headline “INTRIGUING DIRECTORS ONLY NEED APPLY.”

Alt-J were still relatively unknown at the time, but sharper directors knew the band and liked the look of the £4k (approx. $6k) budget.

The Response

Radar has thousands of professional directors worldwide and our back-end shows the brief was viewed nearly 1,500 times. 41 directors submitted treatments to Infectious’ label manager Connie Meade, via the Radar mechanism. That was a lot of treatments for Connie to work through. Nowadays we recommend that labels expecting a big response state: “we only want to hear from experienced directors who have made popular, award-winning, brand-commissioned or editorially-featured videos,” or something similar.

The Director

Ellis Bahl was a young director in New York. He’d had some success with MTV Idents and co-directions of music videos, but was ready to branch out on his own. You can see the treatment he wrote on the Radar blog — and you’ll see it has a different ending to the finished video.

What Happened Next

Infectious’ brilliant marketing helped push Alt-J higher and higher up the media’s agenda. This video in particular got them coverage across U.K. media and a high profile feature in The Huffington Post. The director began to be courted by talent spotters and he’s now represented by two of the best agencies in the U.S. and U.K. (and now works with much bigger budgets). By the end of the year, Alt-J had won the Mercury Prize, the video won ‘Best Alternative Video’ at the UK Music Video Awards and from amongst the many millions of videos on Vimeo, it was chosen as one of the Best 12 Videos on Vimeo of 2012.

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The Black Angels Hit Nashville

November 14, 2012 Sync Placement 1 Comment

Nashville PosterCo-starring Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere, ABC’s hot new drama Nashville has been steaming up our Wednesday nights.

Well get ready for an even more exciting Wednesday than usual: The Black Angels‘ fan favorite track “Telephone” will be featured in tonight’s episode.

If you haven’t peeked the sensation, the story follows a Honky-Tonk diva past her prime, Rayna James (Britton), who must reconcile her career by teaming up with the latest hit Country starlet, Juliette Barnes (Panettiere). Premiering to rave reviews, this new show features the sounds of the historic city it’s named after, a whole lotta big hair, and it has just been picked up for a full season by the network. Plus, Big Machine has signed on to release a soundtrack by the holidays.

Listen up for our Angels’ track in this drama-infused episode, as Rayna tries to spice up her sound in a session with music producer Liam McGuinnis.

Y’all catch up on a few full episodes of Nashville here, and tune in at 10 P.M EST tonight!

Post written by Sara Rachele

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