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GeoRiot: Where to Put Affiliate Links and Fatten Up Your Wallet

October 15, 2013 Marketing 1 Comment

georiot_logo_homeA year ago, we told you about a powerful monetization tool called “affiliation.” Affiliate linking is a seamless way for labels, independent artists and filmmakers to earn additional revenue beyond the royalties earned through digital sales for something they are already doing — marketing their content.

You can foster this additional revenue stream, in the form of affiliate commissions, by signing up with affiliate programs such as Apple’s iTunes affiliate program and the Amazon Associates program that reward you for referring subsequent sales in their stores via specialized links.

Affiliate links can live almost anywhere. When it comes to placing your links, creativity ultimately wins, and like most marketing, the more creative you are with your placement, the more they’ll work for you to generate those affiliate commissions and collect data.

Your Websites

Probably the biggest no-brainer on the list is websites. If you use affiliate links in one place and one place only, it should be throughout each and all of your websites. Artist, label and filmmakers’ sites are likely the first destination for fans wanting to listen to, watch and purchase content. Websites also have a unique advantage when it comes to physical music purchases, as those fans dedicated enough to make vinyl, CD and DVD purchases are likely to do so directly through the artist’s site or relevant fan clubs.

Email Marketing

Email newsletters make a great avenue for affiliate links because of the high open and click-through rate. Fans receive email newsletters because they have elected to receive news and updates, thus indicated they are interested in learning more about a particular artist. This is a highly targeted group of users, who are among the most likely to go on and purchase your record or film. Do not miss out on this opportunity to earn affiliate commissions and also earn valuable insight into your fan base’s purchasing behavior.

Social Media

Social media channels are the easiest place to start using affiliate linking. Facebook pages are some of the most popular ways for fans to connect with their favorite artists. We recommend that you make sure to populate all Facebook “about” sections and Twitter “bio” fields with your buy links. We also recommend posting affiliate links once your product is live for pre-order and again on street date.


As with social media networks, YouTube is also an excellent medium for affiliate links given its popularity as a reliable destination for content. As the world’s most popular online video destination, YouTube provides an excellent opportunity for you to incorporate affiliate links into your videos’ descriptions and individual video annotations.

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The Plus Side to Google+

October 17, 2012 Marketing 1 Comment

google-plus-360I imagine that we all shared the same sentiment when Google+ initially launched — one more social network I need to update?! It’s been a slow process, but Google is finally beginning to connect the dots for us. Within the next few weeks, YouTube users will be able to link their Google+ page to their YouTube channel.

You can already merge a Google+ profile and a channel. If you have a Google+ profile you would like to merge with your channel, you can begin opting in by going to the advanced section of your account settings and clicking “begin using my full name on YouTube.” Note that this is only available if you have your Google+ profile on the same account as your channel. I would currently suggest only linking a Google+ profile for solo artists. Google has a strict naming policy for profiles, and closely monitor the first and last names used to create the profile. Therefore, “The Drums” will not be permitted as a profile name. This is similar to Facebook profiles vs. Facebook pages.

The benefits of linking Google+ to YouTube?

  • Ability to change your channel display name (not channel URL)
  • A YouTube channel linked to a verified Google+ page will also become verified (improves YouTube search results)
  • Auto-post video uploads to Google+ page, Facebook, Twitter

Don’t forget: To improve the likelihood of your Google+ page appearing in relevant searches, you should link your Google+ page to your website by installing a small bit of code. This code lets Google know that your website is associated with an official Google+ page.

Once this is all said and done, things get interesting. Google+ Ripples show social reach across users who engage with content. Ripples allow you to search a video URL or post, and see engagement from other Google+ users. As a result, you can target your audience who actively engages with specific content.

You can also broadcast live hangouts on your YouTube channel and Google+ page. YouTube simultaneously records hangouts and saves it to their video manager, allowing you to edit and monetize recorded hangouts as any other video.

Lastly, over the next few months, YouTube will enable up to 50 users to manage one channel, and/or one user will be able to manage up to 50 channels. This will allow you to access multiple YouTube channels without having to give up access to Gmail or other similarly associated accounts.

I know the wait has been slow and at times confusing, but don’t ignore your (artist’s) Google+ page just yet!

Because Your Affiliation Matters: How to Make Money with GeoRiot

June 11, 2012 Marketing 2 Comments

GeoRiotDo you use affiliate programs? Do you know what an affiliate program is? If you answered ‘no’ to either of these questions… keep reading! As an affiliate, you can earn commissions on all qualifying revenue generated by links to iTunes. MONEY!

To start, determine which regional affiliate program best matches your audience — LinkShare (United States and Japan), TradeDoubler (Europe) & dgm (Australia and New Zealand). More than likely, you will want to be set up with all three programs. Next, visit the affiliate network and complete their online application. After you have been accepted into the affiliate programs, you need to apply to the iTunes program from within the affiliate. To apply, find the iTunes program in the affiliate network, complete the forms, and read and agree to the program terms and conditions. You will then be notified of your approval to join the program in one to two weeks. MONEY! 

Once you are set up, you can use the LinkMaker tool to create your new links pointing to iTunes. This tool can be found inside the affiliate programs’ interface. With the Link Maker tool you can search for and create links to songs, artists, and albums. Note: It is best to make a shortened URL of this link as it is very long. The affiliate programs are not only beneficial for the MONEY. They also allow you to see how many clicks your link has received, and how many purchases were made via this link.

Are you still with me? MONEY! Is this old news to you? Well, keep reading…

Once you are all set up with the relevant affiliate programs, it’s time you start using GeoRiot. GeoRiot links eliminate error messages for international users arriving at the wrong storefront. Unlike the affiliate links, a GeoRiot link works for any user and all the iTunes stores. A GeoRiot-enabled link is instantly processed in three steps:

  • First, the service geo-targets where the consumer is coming from to determine their national iTunes storefront.
  • Second, the service translates the link to work for the consumer’s storefront and directs them to the best match of the desired item within iTunes.
  • Finally, the new link is affiliate encoded so commissions can be earned on all potential subsequent sales. This should help…

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Story Wheel, NoiseTrade & Bat Piss: This Month’s Marketing Trifecta

April 24, 2012 Marketing No Comments

storywheel instagramLast month, The Orchard’s Interactive Marketing team introduced you to the new Facebook Timeline. Hopefully we helped make the transition as smooth and as painless as possible for you and your artist(s). This month, we are going to walk you through three things that have proven to be highly effective for us in the land of digital marketing over the past few weeks — SoundCloud’s Story Wheel, NoiseTrade, and last but not least… bat piss (wait for it).

First on deck, Story Wheel. Story Wheel was rolled out via SoundCloud Labs, and it is an online and embeddable version of a slide show projection (sound effects included). The app allows you to login through an Instagram account and drag and drop photos pulled from Instagram into a photo carousel. Next, you are able to narrate the reel through the powers of SoundCloud. Just click the giant red record button and lay down audio as you click through your very own Story Wheel. Once created, you can embed this gem using the following code:

storywheel embed code

Our friends in ZAMBRI captured their adventures to SXSW in a StoryWheel featured on NYLON

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Take A Time Out & Embrace The Timeline

March 20, 2012 Marketing 1 Comment

Facebook TimelineAre you one of those people that gripes every time Facebook changes something on you? Just when you had mastered “poking,” Zuckerberg goes and takes it away. Well, earlier this month, Facebook announced that all artist pages will take on the Timeline format by March 30th. But, hold your gripes! The Orchard’s Interactive Marketing team is here to walk you through the Timeline. EMBRACE THE CHANGE! Here, we will show you the various upgrades that come with the Timeline and how you should use them to your advantage.

1. Get Covered
The new Timeline gives artists a creative outlet to display a large cover photo (850 x 315) at the top of their new profile. To add an image to your cover, go to your Timeline, and click “Add Cover” at the top of the page. You can upload a photo or choose one from an existing album. You can then reposition the photo so that it appears exactly as you want. If you want to change the photo, simply click the image and select “Change Cover.” Here is an example of Torche‘s updated cover photo displaying their upcoming album artwork.

torche facebook timeline cover photo

A few apps and services have popped up since the announcement of the migration to the Timeline. Here are some worth checking out: CoverJunction (allow fans to upload and share your cover photo while tracking shares), MyFBcoversCoverCanvas (create a customized cover). Meshuggah saw over 100 cover photo shares and uploads of their album artwork from fans after one day of implementing the CoverJuntion app.

NOTE: Covers may not include…

  • Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Buy Now on iTunes”
  • Contact information such as a website address, email, mailing address, or information that should go in your Page’s “About” section
  • References to Facebook features or actions, such as “Like” or “Share” or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features
  • Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell All Your Friends.”

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