The Low-Down on Chatbots

chatbot-adobestockChatbots. Alongside VR, this year has certainly been the year of chatbot technology and AI. So what are these chatbots I speak of? Look no further, here’s the lowdown on all things chatbots.

What are chatbots and what is AI?

A chatbot is a chat service that is powered by certain rules. The technology is nothing new and stems all the way back from the 1960s. I remember as a child in Sweden during the 1990s, we had a chatbot doctor program on our computer at school which was meant to educate us on different diseases. You could ask questions giving your symptoms and it would come back with various answers. Safe to say that it wasn’t used for its educational purposes by 10-year old kids.


Freeloader Friday: Paul & The Tall Trees, Anthony Valadez & More

anthony-valdez-fade-away-1Hey Freeloaders, welcome to our weekly catch-up where dreams come true with streams for you. This week, we’ll tap into some oldies-inspired sounds, some music to set the mood and lastly, a little history lesson. Let’s have a look!

Born from one of NYC’s finest funk labels Truth & Soul, Big Crown Records knows exactly how to hit your groovy bone. The label produces solid gold only, and their latest release comes from rock and roll outfit Paul & The Tall Trees. The band’s new album Our Love In The Light is a fresh take on a 60s sound built on influences from bands like The Stones and Bowie. Blanketed in the warm tones of analog production and pushed hard by the strong vocal work of Paul Schalda, Paul & The Tall Trees are perfect for anyone that takes to acts like Foxygen and MGMT. It’s good “driving home from work on a Friday” music, give it a stream!


In Uganda: Discovering Local African Music in Kampala

uganda-african-musicAs part of my longstanding relationship with African music, I’ve covered topics such as consumer issues and solutionsthe monetization of music in Africa and the scope of the country’s influence on music. I have always been lucky enough to mix business and pleasure and since these previous pieces, the interest I have for sourcing great African music has reached another level. I am now exploring cultures across the continent, from the musical access point on the West Atlantic Coast to the bustling cities of Cape Verde, Senegal and Benin.


Safely Send Your Music to Influencers with Play MPE

Play-MPEThe Orchard is excited to share that we have partnered with Play MPE, one of the leading players in promotional digital music delivery. Through this relationship, clients of The Orchard will enjoy preferential pricing to service their music through Play MPE. With over 80,000 industry contacts in radio and press, Play MPE has been working closely with industry influencers since it was founded back in 2003. We all know relationships are everything in the biz, so we’re confident our clients will see new doors open up to them through the service.


The Orchard Captures Josh Locy’s “Hunter Gatherer”

hunter-gathererThe Orchard adds another heavy hitter to the early 2017 line-up with the acquisition of filmmaker Josh Locy‘s debut, Hunter Gatherer. Starring Andre Royo (The Wire, Empire) and George Sample III, you can expect the 2016 SXSW award-winner on digital platforms this January.