Snapchat Tips, Tricks & Best Practices

snap-ghost-yellowSnapchat! All the kids are doin’ it! I’m not going to pretend that Snapchat is the right platform for everyone, but it might be time to add it to your social strategy if your fan base is young and digitally engaged.

Snapchat is quickly growing in popularity, with over 100 million daily active users. More than 800 million photos and videos are shared on the platform every day.

Learn the basics with our Snapchat tips, tricks and best practices:  (more…)

Freeloader Friday: Charles Bradley, Rick Springfield & More

changesHappy Friday fellow Orchard friends! My name is Charlotte and I’ll be hanging out with you quite a bit during the next few weeks, introducing you to some great new music. This week has been a fruitful one for fresh tunes — let’s dive in!

With his third album just around the corner, soul self-made man Charles Bradley has released his highly addictive second single, “Change For The World.” Don’t let the sleek guitar licks, the smooth brass section or his poignant voice blur your judgement — this is a cry for openness, understanding, and, well, love. The good news is, he might be touring in your city — mark the date!  (more…)

Captivating “Christine” Joins The Orchard’s Sundance Acquisitions

ChristineWhat’s that? More news from Sundance? Could it be? Well — yes! We are proud to announce that we have picked up Christine for North American distribution. The film premiered in the US Dramatic Competition and has received nothing but rave reviews. Christine features Rebecca Hall who delivers an incredibly strong performance as the title role, and also stars Michael C. Hall, Tracy Letts, Maria Dizzia, Timothy Simons, J. Smith Cameron, among others.


Get Inspired by The Orchard’s Latest Acquisition, “Life, Animated”

life-animatedWe had an absolute blast at the Sundance Film Festival this year. As reported earlier, we picked up a great new action/comedy, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and now there’s more news from Utah — we are teaming up with A&E IndieFilms and director Roger Ross Williams to bring his inspiring documentary Life, Animated to North America!  (more…)

Welcome, Liz!

LizCurtisBeyIntroducing Elizabeth Curtis-Bey, Manager, International Client Relations 

Hello All! My name is Liz Curtis-Bey. I’m joining the Client Relations Team at The Orchard after working with Rent the Runway as a manager on their Client Insights Team. Prior to RTR, I lived in Madrid while I studied visual media communications, worked in New York City schools as a consultant in leadership training and grants management, and in D.C. in client relations for entertainment and politics.