You Should Be Using Instagram Polls – Here’s Why

Polls are having a huge moment in the social media spotlight. Instagram even launched Story polls this past October in reaction to a sudden wave of interest. You see, over the summer, teen poll / compliment app TBH and Snapchat poll app Polly became the app store’s runaway successes unbeknownst to adults. The platforms empowered high schoolers to seek peer feedback without fear of bullying – something that other, comment-reliant social platforms hadn’t exactly perfected yet. Now, as part of Instagram’s platform, the format has taken off with more than just adolescents.


Out Today by The Orchard: Kygo: Live, The Rifles & More

Grab your ugly holiday sweaters and lend an ear because we’ve got some tunes and videos to make your obligatory festivities an even better. With a documentary for a worldwide dance music sensation, a Brit-rock album full of hits and a thoughtful film on the uphill battle in a rocky neighborhood, we’ve got something for you no matter what your plans entail. Catch all three, Out Today.

Want to host your own dance party right in your living room with superstar Kygo?! Well, he’s probably not available… but you can pull up Kygo: Live at The Hollywood Bowl. Learn about the incredible musician’s path to fame as you follow him behind the scenes of his enormous performance at the iconic venue. Norwegian, Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll now known as Kygo, discusses how his dreams became reality and plays some of his classic radio hits. Enjoy the doc available here from Ultra Music. (more…)

Catalog Time Capsule: ZE Records “A Christmas Record” (1981/82)

ZE RecordsWelcome to Throwback Thursdays, a monthly spotlight on a gem from The Orchard catalog that was released a long, long time ago.

Album: ZE Records – A Christmas Record
Artist: Various Artists
Released: 1981/82
Genre: Holiday/Rock


Welcome, Andrew K!

Introducing, Andrew Katsikas, QA Engineer

Hello everyone, my name is Andrew Katsikas (you can also call me Drew). I’m joining The Orchard as a QA Engineer. Most recently I was working as a QA Analyst at Slalom, a consulting company with an office in Boston. Prior to that, I was a QA Engineer at REZ-1, a software company servicing the Intermodal industry (boxes on trains).

I’m originally from Kingston, Massachusetts, a small town on the South Shore next to Plymouth (yes, like the Pilgrims). I lived in Brooklyn during the summer of 2009 while interning at LimeWire, but left for Boston, where I lived for the past eight years. It is good to be back!


On The Prowl: Genre Film Festivals

Genre film festivals have become increasingly important within the indie and blockbuster space in recent years. With the premiere of Trey Edward Schultz’, It Comes At Night, at the Overlook Film Festival last year and the numerous premieres at Fantastic Fest in Austin and Sitges International Film Festival in Spain, genre film festivals have become unusual and surprising stomping grounds for buyers and sellers in the industry. Most of them have still managed to retain their quirkiness and charm while still bulking up their industry presence. But first, what does it really mean for a film to be “genre”?