Freeloader Friday: Jacob Collier, Edison & More

jacob-coverHello there, my stunning freeloaders. Did you do something new with your hair today? A new outfit? Have you gotten a sneak peek of this week’s brand new tracks, perhaps? Well, whatever you’ve been doing, it certainly suits you. Speaking of brand new tracks, let’s get this show on the road:

Okay, I’ve got a bit of a doozy for you: check out a full album stream of In My Room, the debut album from multi-instrumentalist and multi-tracking perfectionist Jacob Collier. To say this album is unique would be the ultimate understatement; it takes risks, bends genres, and changes up instrumentation, rhythm, and texture – all within the album’s opening track. Each song takes you on an adventure, filled with unexpected musical twists and turns that keep you guessing until the album’s very last second. Although Collier is a talented instrumentalist, his vocal chops truly shine with his calculated and sonically perfect overdubbed harmonies (see: his rich, jazzy a cappella rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “You and I.”) Not to mention, he is the only artist I know who can take the Flinstones theme song and turn it into a three-minute harmonic spectacle. If you’re a fan of jazz, funk, or your college’s a cappella group, you’ll definitely enjoy this release.


Watch YouTube Videos Offline, Smartly

YouTube offlineLook out India! YouTube knows about your data woes. To take advantage of lower late night mobile rates and save you both time and money, YouTube is rolling out a new feature: Smart Offline. An expansion to the previous YouTube offline tool, which allows viewers to temporarily cache videos for later viewing, Smart Offline automatically downloads videos during off-peak hours.


Welcome, Jeffrey!

JeffFernandesIntroducing Jeffrey Fernandes, Catalog Assistant, Owned Content

Hi everyone, my name is Jeffrey Fernandes and I’m very happy to be part of The Orchard team over in Owned & Operated. When I’m not in the office, I’m a drummer and singer playing in many different bands and ensembles; the most fun of which is playing snare drum for Gallant Entertainment, who provides the drumlines for the Jets, Giants, Patriots, Knicks, Rangers & NYCFC. I’m also trying to stay busy and active in the New York musical theater scene, most recently wrapping up an Off-Broadway show at the Ars Nova theater back in March. A lot of my non-performing time is spent playing sports (go Orchard Ballers!), traveling, watching the Yankees and figuring out which music festival or show to go to next… Firefly will be the highlight of this summer! woop woop!

The Marketplace Presents: SoundBetter

SoundBetter-LogoMaking the perfect song is an art. Of course, you need poignant lyrics, laid against a matching tune, and a place to record and release it. But what about everything else that makes a song pop? Top-shelf mixing and mastering engineers, that killer session drummer or singer that brings the magic, charting beatmakers and producers. As an indie label, it can be hard to access good talent at an affordable price.

Enter: SoundBetter, our new Marketplace partner. Connecting you with the right people is their number one specialty, and they’ve built quite the network of vetted professionals. From Grammy Award-winning producers to seasoned international musicians, singers and songwriters, SoundBetter’s contacts span across thousands of cities around the world. All these, now at your fingertips through The Orchard Marketplace.


Live Stream Here, Live Stream There, Live Stream Everywhere

TumblrLiveNothing has taken the social media world by storm recently quite like live streaming videos. Tumblr is the most recent platform to jump on the live stream train following other sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook’s lead.

Social media is all about ‘in the moment’ content and engagement. We look at our newsfeed’s most recent updates to see what our friends are up to and even have to look at our Snapchat within 24 hours before content is dismissed as irrelevant and disappears forever. It’s really no surprise everyone has been so intrigued by live content.