Welcome, Clay!

Introducing, Clay Gorman, Software Developer, Engineering Clay Gorman

My name is Clay Gorman I am very excited to join the Vector team at The Orchard.

I grew up in Placentia, Southern California and lived within Orange County for the majority of my life. My family and I just recently moved to Las Vegas about a year ago. We are enjoying it so far, but we are not looking forward to triple digits this summer!


Say Goodbye To YouTube Annotations

Bye AnnotationsEffective today, May 2nd, YouTube has turned off the ability to add or edit annotations. Moving forward, users will only being able to delete existing annotations and any others that remain will continue to display on desktop computers.

Annotations editor was launched back in 2008, before the world went truly mobile. A lot has changed since then and now that mobile devices represent the 60% of YouTube watch time, annotations have become outdated. Why go through the work of creating annotations that won’t even reach the majority of the audience?


The Full ‘Story’ Social Media Breakdown

With Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook all enabling Stories, it can be a daunting task to determine which is the best to use when reaching out to fans. Below is some information that may help you decide which Stories work best for you and what sets each apart:

Facebook Stories

Facebook is the latest app to roll out Stories to users. The new in-app camera makes it easy for users to apply fun filters, stickers and add comments to their photos before uploading directly to their Story or share with to friends directly. Unfortunately, at this time they haven’t rolled out the feature to Business Pages yet, so your band’s page is unable share Stories…for now.


Out Today by The Orchard: Hajk, Vitamin String Quartet & More

What’s up everybody, happy Friday to you all. Things are heating up here in the city as rooftops and outdoor venues awaken from a long winter’s rest. Wherever you are, the sun is likely shining a bit brighter as well. Luckily we’ve got some stellar jams for your outdoor endeavors this weekend, whatever they may be. Let’s get to it.

First off we have a record that I’ve been personally excited for for a few months now from a band called Hajk. A band born in Oslo, Norway, Hajk’s music is funky in foundation and powerfully melodic. Vocal lines take unexpected twists and turns over top of driven bass and drum parts, creating delicate yet dance-inducing sound track after track. Their debut, self-titled album arrived today on Jansen Platerproduksjon. It’s fantastic, feel good, tight knit indie rock. Check it out here.


Record Store Day Recap: Celebrating Physical Retailers for 10 Years

This past Saturday, was Record Store Day, the biggest physical sales day of the year. This annual event was even more special as RSD celebrated its 10th anniversary!

Numerous independent retailers have already reported that this was one of their best Record Store Days yet — some indicating it was their best sales day in history. Some stores had customers lining up the night before to ensure their chances of grabbing one of the three-hundred fifty exclusive titles released for the occasion. Among these exclusives were The Orchard’s distributed, Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes, Live from Jones Beach EP and George Carlin’s Jammin’ in New York LP.