GoPro and Action Sports: A Match Made in Heaven

maxresdefaultGoPro is a household name in the Action Sports world. From skateboarding to biking, snowboarding to car racing, GoPro has given Action Sports fans an amazing new viewing perspective. GoPro cameras put viewers right into a professional athlete’s shoes, producing incredible first person shots of the tricks and stunts performed. It gives the average person the opportunity to see how a backflip looks from the rider’s seat of a dirt bike, or what a surfer sees catching a huge wave in Hawaii.


Domo Loves Chiptune & So Do We

various-artists-domo-loves-chiptuneWho’s brown, cuddly, chronically flatulent, and an internet sensation? It’s none other than Domo!!! The official mascot of Japan’s public broadcasting company NHK since 1998, Domo’s saw-like teeth and uniquely ineffable facial expression has captured the hearts of millions, as can be seen in the countless fan-made memes, images and stop-motion animation videos sprawling the Internet. Merchandise sales through Target, 7-Eleven, and other major corporate entities are only helping to boost Domo’s popularity beyond the virtual realm, with many industry insiders predicting that this fun-loving furry creature will soon become a global household name. We are proud to have teamed up with Domo in order to make that happen.


Welcome, Kathleen!

KatIntroducing Kathleen Bootsri, Manager, Royalties Analysis

I’m born and bred in Woodside, Queens; a rare breed of the Native New Yorker. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, I do not play any musical instruments or have any musical talent (just the occasional two-step and salsa moves when my partner knows what they’re doing). However, I enjoy various music ranging from Indie Pop and Dance, Country, Rockabilly and music that my mom’s played on long road trips (Buddy Holly, The Carpenters, The BeeGee’s, Dolly Parton, Elvis).


YouTube’s Audio Library Gets Spruced Up: New Tracks & Features

youtube-audio-library-550x205We introduced you to the YouTube Audio Library back in 2013, when license-free music and sound effects were made available to creators to download, edit and use in their YouTube videos. If you haven’t checked it out since then, now is the time, as 1,000 new tracks were recently added to the mix!


Label Spotlight: KALAN Music

HasanSaltikAmong its many interpretations, music can inspire enjoyment and relief, or present a gigantic universe to be explored and discovered. Hasan Saltık, founder of the stand-out Turkish label, KALAN, is more of the discoverer kind and with that, has built what many would count among the pioneering Turkish labels.

An established figure worldwide, Hasan Saltık has been awarded the Prince Claus Award and selected as one of Time Magazine’s “European Heroes.” When he decided to highlight the forgotten pieces of Turkish Folk music in 1991, KALAN Music was born. In its first years, KALAN attracted a remarkable amount of interest from various music authorities by re-mastering the good-old original gramophone records of authentic Turkish music. Doing so made KALAN the first Turkish label to highlight this concern of preserving local music in Turkey. Throughout almost a quarter of a century, KALAN has maintained this objective and continued bringing old records to modern-days.