Benefit from Perks & Discounts Through the A2IM Supporters Program

a2im_supporters_programA2IM, a.k.a. the American Association of Independent Music, has launched a new program to help support and grow smaller labels. Read about it straight from the source in the guest blog post below and click here to sign up. Thanks, A2IM! 

First and foremost, let’s give a little overview about A2IM for those who may not know much about us. Here’s our deal: A2IM exists to help Independent music labels improve business by promoting access and parity through advocacy, education and connection-building with one another and associated businesses. We are a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit trade organization representing a diverse group of over 380 independently-owned American record labels. A2IM’s independent community includes music labels of all sizes and staffing levels across the United States, from Hawaii to Florida, representing musical genres as diverse as our membership.


Freeloader Friday: Slothrust, The Shacks & More

slothrust-everyone-elseHello and happy Halloween weekend Freeloaders! Today is the annual costume contest and we already have some early leaders. Orchardites are entering the office dressed as Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, a giant M&M, a cone head, a devil… It’s more star-studded than spooky, but regardless, it’s shaping up to be a good day. Anyways, we have some killer tunes for every Halloweener’s playlist. Let’s get to it!

After weeks of building anticipation, it is finally release day for indie jazz-rock band Slothrust‘s definitive record, Everyone ElseLet me tell you, it exceeds the hype. Capped at ten tracks, this LP has you singing along to anthemically emotional lyrics and grooving to instrumental breakdowns within each song. With the controlled energy and intense drive of a band that’s been playing together for decades, Everyone Else is truly an accomplishment for this young band. It’s a bittersweet masterpiece of a sophomore record, you can hear for yourself with a full album stream here.


10 Tips for Perfect Playlist Curation

playlist-curationIn the world of song promotion, no format has gotten more coverage than playlisting. From how to get on them to knowing which ones are the most popular, everyone wants a piece of the playlist pie. The downside of being featured on someone else’s playlist, however, is being at the mercy of the curator. One day your plays spike out of control and the next they take a nosedive. For this reason, one recommendation we often make to clients is creating playlists of their own. This ensures you have a certain amount of control over the promotion of your content. Easier said than done, right? Let the following steps be your guide to creating the perfect playlist for your audience. (more…)

Welcome, Morgan!

Introducing Morgan Lory, Executive Assistant, CEO

Hi everyone! I’m Morgan Lory, Brad‘s new Executive Assistant (aka the new Shelby). I was previously working at SoulCycle at the UNSQ Studio and even though I still love going to SoulCycle (lmk if you need a work-out buddy), my real passion is music. Before working at SoulCycle, I was in the music/hospitality business working for a company that provides custom playlists to hotels, restaurants and retail stores all over the world. I am happy to be back in the music industry and extremely excited to join The Orchard!


Musicians: Use Our Pinterest Starter Guide & Get Pinning

pinterest-starter-guidePinterest, the photo sharing site that allows you to ‘pin’ images to virtual boards, recently announced it has hit 150 million monthly users. That’s an impressive 50% more than last year and what’s more, 40% of these new users are men — quite a big deal for the platform, which is known to be heavily female-based. In addition, Pinterest noted that over 50% of millennials are now on the platform. What’s drawing in a majority of these users is not only the social aspect of following and sharing ideas with friends, but also the ability to discover products from various brands and even buy them. The incredibly effective “buy pins” Pinterest announced in 2015 have users purchasing items they find left and right.