Case Study: Nightwish “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”


Finnish-based Nightwish, the country’s top-selling band globally, composes some of the world’s best and most loved Symphonic Metal. When they announced they’d be releasing their 8th studio album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, with Nuclear Blast this year, we got cracking on a marketing campaign that would speak to the band’s devoted fan base and engage them on a personal level.

The promotional power of video continues to grow, so we focused a large portion of the campaign here. Along with the band’s announcement of the new album, they also revealed North American tour dates in support of the release. We took advantage of Facebook’s video platform to announce these dates by having the band shoot personalized videos for each city and upload the shoutouts natively to their Facebook page. The one-minute clips went live after tickets went on sale and included album release info, supporting acts for the shows and a snippet of the band’s new song, “Élan.”


Laugh Til’ It Hurts: The Orchard Lands Mob Comedy “A Stand Up Guy”

AStandUpGuy_DannyAAbeckaserGet ready for your abs to burn, because The Orchard has just acquired writer/director Mike Young‘s funny mob-affiliated flick, A Stand Up Guy.

“What do you mean funny? Funny how?” you might ask.

The film follows the story of a low-level mobster, played by Danny A. Abeckaser, who enters the Witness Protection Program after getting mixed up in some no good business. Once off the grid, he performs a stand-up comedy routine that ends up going viral, resulting in accidental fame that puts his protection in jeopardy. Whoops.


Freeloader Friday: Slum Village, Allman Brown & More

SlumVillageYesHey gang, it’s Friday already (hooray!). As the work week comes to a close, you know we got your back keeping the weekend soundtrack fresh and free. I’m sure those of you in the NYC area will be moseyin’ on over to Brooklyn to check out the Northside Fest — they’ve got some sweet stuff lined up. But enough of what’s to come; let’s get going with this week’s fruitful finds!

Timeless Hip-Hoppers Slum Village treated us this week with a full stream of their new LP, Yes!, on Rolling Stone. These tracks are super nice, and how could they not be? A majority of them were produced by the late, great J Dilla: the best of the best in old school beats. Hot bass lines and smooth samples abound, so do yourself a favor and check it out.


Love Gaming? Meet Twitch.

Twitch_BlackLogoDo you or your artists have a passion for gaming? Is it a struggle to talk about an upcoming record but easy to have an in-depth conversation about Counter-Strike? It might be time to setup a profile on the social video platform, Twitch.

Before you run away screaming “NO MORE SOCIAL NETWORKS,” let me explain how Twitch isn’t your usual social platform of the moment. Twitch is a social video platform specifically for gamers. It allows users to broadcast while playing any game of their choice while interacting with a community of fellow gamers tuning it to watch. Twitch broadcasts can additionally include Q&As and competitions for real money. Oh, and Twitch reaches over 50 million unique users worldwide each month. Gaming is serious stuff.


The Orchard and Tribeca Film Institute Will Move Your Documentary Right Along

TFI_DocFundFrom critically-acclaimed Oscar nominees such as Cutie and the Boxer and If a Tree Falls (which, incidentally, was directed by Marshall Curry, whose stellar documentary, Point and Shoot, The Orchard released theatrically in October of 2014), to crowd-pleasing gems like 112 Weddings and The Battered Bastards of Baseball, The Tribeca Film Institute has a long history of supporting a diverse array of nonfiction films, linked only by their quality.

The Orchard, too, has made marked strides in the documentary space, having released films including Frederic Tcheng’s Dior and I, Tracy Droz Tragos and Andrew Droz Palermo’s Sundance winner Rich Hill, and The Yes Men Are Revolting, a hilarious look at climate change led by everybody’s favorite culture jamming activist pranksters, The Yes Men.