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The Orchard Polishes Its Deutsch with Membran Entertainment Group

Guten Tag, Deutschland! And a good day, it is. Today, we announce our new partnership with the renowned and respected Membran Entertainment Group, based in Germany. With them, we kick off The Orchard GmbH, run by Membran CEO, Manlio Celotti. We’ve gotten to know the German market over the years — …

Introducing: The 4 Commandments of Marketing Drivers

Marketing Drivers are the absolute most important thing you must be communicating to your client rep, when working on priority new releases. We’ve already broken down the what, when, why, and overall best practices for marketing drivers. Today, we’re going to introduce you to the 4 commandments of communicating these invaluable assets. …

Sundance Special: We Get Swingin’ With “The Overnight”

Sundance, we have arrived! And in a very big way. Just last night, we nabbed rights to The Overnight in Park City, UT on the 4th day of the Festival. It’s a steamy, sexy comedy that already created sparks on Sundance’s red carpet, and after some intense bidding rounds, we secured it …

Reddit Demystified

A few months ago, I saw Catey Shaw’s music video for “Human Contact” for the first time. It was a flawless concoction: an infectious summer Pop jam mixed with a quirky, aqua-haired girl dancing in street-wear. All I wanted to do was cash in my vacation days, trap my scantily …

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The Orchard Chart Toppers: February 2015

The Orchard Chart Toppers

February continued to display some chart topping prowess from our labels and artists, and as always, we love taking the time to give them a shoutout for their awesomeness. Highlights from February include the inimitable Torche (have you played their game, Torche vs Robots, yet?), the supergroup Revolution Saints and their self-titled debut, Dangerbird Records’ Butch Walker, who snagged a #1 New Artists spot on Billboard and a whole lot of other placements, and the Norwegian Folk artist, Tønes. On the film front, Minecraft: Into The Nether is still making itself known week on week, and the moving Documentary Point and Shoot snagged a #1 spot on iTunes’ Top Documentary Movies chart in the U.S.

Well done, folks!


Billboard Top 200 Albums
#133 — Torche: Restarter (Deluxe Edition) [Relapse Records]
#198 — Revolution Saints: Revolution Saints [Frontiers Records]

Billboard Current Albums
#56 — Torche: Restarter (Deluxe Edition) [Relapse Records]
#84 — Revolution Saints: Revolution Saints: [Frontiers Records]

Billboard Top Album Sales
#61– Torche: Restarter (Deluxe Edition) [Relapse Records]
#99 — Revolution Saints: Revolution Saints [Frontiers Records]

Billboard Independent Albums
#13– Torche: Restarter (Deluxe Edition) [Relapse Records]
#17 — Revolution Saints: Revolution Saints [Frontiers Records]
#27 — Black Star Riders: Killer Instinct [Nuclear Blast]

Billboard Tastemakers
#11 — Torche: Restarter (Deluxe Edition) [Relapse Records]

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Mello Music Group Lacks No “Persona”

MMG_Persona_1500x2015 is going to be a banner year for our friends at Mello Music Group. Out next week, Persona not only embodies the vision of Michael Tolle, founder of Mello Music Group, it’s also a great sneak peak of what’s in store for the label in 2015. The album consists of all exclusive content and spans the majority of the Mello Music Group roster. More than just a label sampler, Persona also succeeds at echoing the all-too-present societal undertones of racial discrimination, excess for the 1%, and the deepening economic disparity plaguing our youth and inner cities. And this isn’t all that Persona touches on: the intertwining stories throughout the record beautifully weave throughout each track creating tension and release like that of a Jazz virtuoso. To borrow from the album’s notes…

“Persona unveils the murderer’s row that is the Mello roster of 2015. Oddisee, Apollo Brown, yU, L’Orange, Red Pill, Open Mike Eagle, Rapper Big Pooh, Quelle Chris. The stars of the present teamed with timeless innovators like Phonte (Little Brother), Blockhead, Ras Kass, Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), Oh No, Masta Ace, and Bilal Salaam. The result is something that binds current greats with the pioneers who paved the asphalt. It’s both a historical moment and hard as hell.”

And while this is a long look into what’s to come in 2015 from MMG, it’s barely enough to whet the palate. There are some amazing albums in the works from new additions to the label (see Kenn Starr and Rapper Big Pooh) as well as some true bangers from the tent-pole artists, Oddisee and Apollo Brown. There’s also real excitement from the bullpen, the up-and-comers L’Orange and Red Pill. And while calling L’Orange an “up-and-comer” might do a disservice to his early body of work (see Orchid Days and The City Under The City), you are likely to recognize his name better before the year is out. There are some more surprises in the works too, but we can’t share those details just quite yet. You’ll just have to stay tuned for that!

Welcome, Emma!

March 4, 2015 Orchard News 1 Comment

EmmaHawkinsIntroducing Emma Hawkins, Digital Advertising Coordinator

My name is Emma and I am so excited to be working at The Orchard as a Coordinator in the Digital Advertising department. A little bit about me: I’m originally from outside of Seattle, WA and moved here six years ago to attend NYU, where I studied English Literature and Art History. Before The Orchard, I worked in digital advertising sales at Tasting Table, an NYC based digital food magazine, and interned at a small book publisher in college. I’m generally obsessed with arts and entertainment and I can discuss David Bowie, Michelangelo and Oscar Wilde with equal enthusiasm. Recent music/film/TV obsessions include HOMESHAKE, D’angelo, FKA Twigs, SOHN, Broad City and anything directed by Richard Linklater. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and to start learning the ins and outs of The Orchard!

10 Ways YouTube Changed the Music Biz

YouTube-logo-full_color (1)This year, YouTube celebrates a decade since its launch in February 2005. For those of us who were scouring the internet for videos from the very beginning, you know how much has changed since YouTube’s start-up days. This is especially true when it comes to music. From cover songs to music videos that went viral, the video platform not only changed how we discover music, it’s also created new revenue streams for talent. Let’s take a look at 10 milestones that shaped the YouTube music business as it exists today.

1. Discovery
Can you imagine what the world would be like without this guy? Whether you’re clicking on suggested videos, searching for that awesome band that opened the show last night, or browsing the platform to find pretty much anything else (literally), YouTube has proven to be an incredible discovery tool for all its users. It’s a priceless avenue to success for previously unknown singers and musicians, athletes, pop culture icons, models, and comedians.

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Muzooka: Make Filtering Through That Pile of Demos Fun

Muzooka-LogoAt The Orchard, we get to work with a lot of up-and-coming tools and services. Sometimes, we meet some we know our clients would love — Muzooka is one of them. They’ve just built a tool that should help make discovering your next big artist a walk in the park. Cortney Harding, Director of Media Relations at Muzooka, breaks it down: 

Raise your hand if you have a stack of demo CDs that have been thrust upon you at some point gathering dust in a corner and occasionally threatening to topple over. Now raise your other hand if you have an inbox full of YouTube and Soundcloud links and oversized MP3 attachments.

Now put your hands down and keep scrolling.

Demos are great, and there’s nothing better than finding the next great band in the slush pile. But managing demos is a giant pain — it’s hard to keep track of them, time consuming to make a playlist to easily listen to them, and near impossible to know which slush pile tracks are worth checking out.

At Muzooka, we asked a bunch of labels, venues and producers about their biggest problems, and they kept coming back to demo management. With this in mind, we built the Partner Platform, and hope that we’ve created a simple and elegant (and free) solution.

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