Welcome, Glenn!

Glenn YonemitsuIntroducing Glenn Yonemitsu, Software Engineer, Video Retail

Hi, all. I’m Glenn Yonemitsu and I’m excited to be joining The Orchard as a software engineer. I was born in Philly and grew up in Queens, New York. And I even went to school here, where I got to be a part of my alma mater’s radio station, Baruch College (WBMB 87.9FM back then). There, I grew my love for music as well as finetuned some of my jadedness to get one step closer to the “they don’t make music like they did back then” phase of my life. Now you will likely catch me listening to Rinse FM and the sounds coming out from the London scene, but I also enjoy exploring the more obscure music genres.


Rock Meets Renaissance with Blackmore’s Night

unnamedLet’s take a trip back in time to the Renaissance, shall we? A time where people used phrases like “good day Sir!” or “farewell, my dear maiden.” Where music was usually improvisational and used as a form of artistic expression to tell a story. This is what I experienced as I listened to Blackmore’s Night‘s new album All Our Yesterdays, released by Frontiers Records this past September. Known as one of the most popular Folk Rock bands in the world, Blackmore’s Night preserves the Renaissance music genre, and makes it relevant to listeners today.


Freeloader Friday: Floating Points, Jonathan Butler & More

Floating Points Elaenia Album ArtIt’s Friday and you’re in the right place for all the latest and greatest music from The Orchard! Freeloader Friday is your chance to take a load off and let us do the heavy lifting. We’ve gathered up our freshest content and we’re bringing it straight to you.

Earlier this month, UK-based electronic artist, Floating Points, earned a Freeloader Friday mention with the video for his single, “Nespole.” Now, getting yet another preview from the forthcoming album, Elaenia, we have the track, “Peroration Six.” The Instrumental composition builds a brilliant tower of momentum atop a drum set foundation, electrified by guitar and other sounds. The volume builds to what becomes a blinding wash of sound and then, suddenly, it disappears into the silence from which it came.


Welcome, JP!

jpIntroducing JP Lester, Chief Technology Officer

I’m a technologist, a musician and a dad. I grew up in NJ but spent a good deal of my career out in the Bay Area and since having kids moved back to raise them closer to family. We live down at the NJ shore, and I commute by ferry to NYC (believe me there are much worse ways to commute).


Sign Us Up for the Ride: Rose McGowan Dives Into Music

Rose McGowan Press Still 1Attention all old school ‘Charmed’ fans. Attention all feminists and political activists. Attention all artists. Rose McGowan, who you may know as the face behind magical sister Paige Matthews, the unfortunate early Scream victim or the woman who recently hijacked a political event, is making her solo musical debut. And because she’s not the kind to fit just one mold, expect to see more than just a pretty song or cutesy lyric from this fierce specimen.

Her first single, “RM486,” is named after the abortion pill, RU486, with her initials swapped in. The video, directed by Grammy and MTV Award-winner Jonas Åkerlund (he’s worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, U2, to name a few) in collaboration with global fashion think tank WHOYOUARE, is a highly visual and artistic interpretation of one person’s many facets and how these facets may be interpreted, both outwardly and within.