The Orchard Picks Up X-Treme Ringleader Nitro Circus

NitroCircusLogoWe’ve done it again, y’all. We got ourselves another kick-ass partnership with a world leader in action sports! Nitro Circus, the leading extreme sports entertainment brand, now has a home at The Orchard. From now on, when you want to stream, rent or download one of their mind-blowing and bending films, we’ll be the ones serving it up to you on a silver platter as Nitro Circus’ new worldwide distributor.


Write An Email Newsletter Your Fans Will Love

basic3-006_newsletter_mail-256Why are email newsletters so boring? It’s easy to blame the format itself: email marketing is one of the oldest channels of our internet era. We’ve spent the entirety of our online lives receiving mostly-boring and frequently unwanted marketing emails. Yet, a wanted email, one that a fan has opted-in to receive, still converts better than social. You also own your email list and have better guarantees for reach than relying on another platform to provide impressions. Emails don’t get as lost in a feed or timeline and fans can find and read at their convenience.


Freeloader Friday: Alex Bleeker & The Freaks, Dreamcrusher & More

CountryAgendaAlbumArtWelcome back to Freeloader Friday and for those of you in NYC, welcome to CMJ Music Marathon weekend! CMJ is one of the most important emerging music festivals/conferences out there and, annually, thousands of bands, musicians, talent scouts and industry pros flock to NYC to be part of the circus of cool. If you’re not at CMJ or if you just need a break from the action, let me show you the latest and greatest from The Orchard because IT’S FREELOA-… well, you know what day it is.

Check out Country Agenda, a brand new album from Alex Bleeker & The Freaks. This easy-going Hippie-Rock album is full of soothing vocal harmony, organ, acoustic guitar and gentle tempos that meander from one style to the next. Like driving from Wichita to San Francisco in a Volkswagen van, you’ll witness a variety of sunny landscapes that reference roots rock, blues shuffles, country waltzes, and other pacifying, jamband-inspired stylings.


Shop ‘Till You Drop with YouTube Shoppable Ads

YouTube-Shoppable-Videos-Awesome-Stuff-Week-Brad-HallTo successfully sell a product, you’ve got to make your pitch at the right time or risk losing your consumer’s interest. YouTube understands that reality and is now helping advertisers and content owners take advantage of those make-or-break moments by introducing shoppable ads into the platform.

Shoppable ads are mobile-optimized “card”-based annotations that appear when a viewer watches a video that’s promoting a specific product, for example a video highlighting the new technology in a brand of headphones. The viewer can then click into the ad, which will instruct them on how to purchase said product. The process works as follows: (more…)

Let Catey Shaw Walk All Over You

Catey_Press1As many aspiring musicians out there know, it only takes one big break in the entertainment industry to get your foot in the door. Catey Shaw is no stranger to this, as she got her opportunity when music producer Jay Levine of Lefthook Entertainment spotted her busking on the F train station. “It was completely serendipitous,” says Jay. “I just immediately noticed how interesting and unique her voice was.” This event marks the beginning of their musical collaboration, one that has produced multiple Pop hits to date and a style completely unique to Catey Shaw.