Freeloader Friday: Dentist, Ugly Heroes & More

Dentist-Ceilings-CoverHi there, my beautiful freeloaders. We’re back with your favorite part of Friday, a slew of new tunes for zero dollars. We have a diverse crew of genres for you this week, from homegrown hip-hop to Italian heavy metal. Here we go!

Leading off for this week, we’ve got a new track from Dentist – a surf-rock band from our Northeast neck-of-the-woods, Asbury Park, NJ. Their track “Joel” is off of their sophomore LP Ceilings and is the musical equivalent of a dreary day that becomes bright and sunny several hours later. If you listen to the song’s beginning and immediately write it off as a grungy ballad instead of a catchy, upbeat tune, don’t you worry – give it a full listen and you won’t be disappointed. The sludgy guitars become thin and bright, the tempo nimble and quick, and lead singer Emily Bornemann’s voice is the airy, light glue that holds it all together. Clocking in at a short 2:56, this track is certainly not to be missed.


Digging Through The Archives: Ghetto Brothers

GhettoBrothersWelcome to Digging Through The Archives, a new recurring Daily Rind feature from the Creative Services department that will explore cool vintage obscurities, under-the-radar sleepers, catalog albums in the news, and more.

My first entry was inspired by both National Puerto Rican Day and a recent viewing of the fantastic documentary Rubble Kings. The film chronicles the explosion of gangs in the Bronx in the late ’60s and early ’70s, and how the 1971 murder of Cornell “Black Benjie” Benjamin, a widely respected peace counselor from The Ghetto Brothers, a gang more interested in community activism than street violence, ultimately led to a borough-wide gang truce. Central to this story are Nuyoricans Benjy “Yellow Benjy” Melendez and his brothers Robert and Victor who, along with several other musicians, also performed music as the Ghetto Brothers.


Welcome, Gift!

GiftCaternorIntroducing Gift Caternor, Account Manager, Performance Rights Services

Hi everyone! I am very excited to be joining The Orchard and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone. Before The Orchard, I was at The Harry Fox Agency where I did Income Tracking and Client Services. Before that, I worked at an independent record label in Maryland (my home state) where I did A&R Administration and was instrumental in producing a NAACP Image Award nominated CD. Before that, I worked at a best practice insight and technology consulting company in Washington, DC. I am a huge fan of music and film. I also love to travel and I am obsessed with French bulldogs.

Dare to “Daydream” with YouTube’s VR Platform

YTVR-IO-Mock-Updated-1Last year, YouTube announced support for 360º/Virtual Reality video on desktop, mobile and the Google Cardboard viewer. It has become a popular format for creators and the $16 Cardboard headset is now more ubiquitous than any of its competitors.

To keep the VR ball rolling, Google recently announced their new, high-quality platform appropriately dubbed “Daydream,” coming out this Fall. The kit will run exclusively on the new Android N operating system and will only be compatible with certain Daydream-ready smartphones yet to be released from partners like Samsung and LG.


Brand Your Events With Snapchat Geofilters

Nothing Snapchat GeofilterYour band has a show coming up. You’ve become one with the glow of the phone screen and even look forward to seeing what fans share on social media. They are snapchatting away! But who wants to spend time adding text to a snap. You have to click the button, type the text, choose the format, position it, maybe even change the color. Exhausting! Text isn’t fast. You know what are fast? Filters.

“But… those are for brands! Big companies! The only custom filters I see are for Michael Bay’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Summer Blockbuster Explosionapalooza!”

What if I told you that filters were for everybody? Not only can anyone set one up, but they can be affordable for any campaign, too.