Welcome, Giulia!

Giulia-GoriIntroducing Giulia Gori, Client & Marketing Manager, Italy

Hi everyone! I’m happy to meet you all and am very excited to be joining The Orchard as Client and Marketing Manager for Italy.

My background is in Economics, with a specialization in Digital Marketing. I worked for seven years in Knowledge Management and Business Collaboration, first in the oil and gas industry for Eni and later for PerkinElmer, an American company in the chemical sector, managing collaboration projects on a worldwide basis. More recently I was Community Engagement Leader for Zomato Italy, a digital guide for restaurants, where I was leading marketing activities to acquire new users and engage the community. Now here I am, finally working in the industry that allows me to follow my passion: music!


The Orchard Announces Industry’s First Full Film Projections & Transparency Tool

CartelLand“When do I recoup?” If you’re an independent filmmaker or producer, you know this refrain well and you know how difficult it can be to get a clear answer. As the film distribution landscape has undergone rapid changes in recent years with the advent of digital technologies, there has a been an industry-wide call for transparency around platform performance numbers in order to provide a fuller understanding of what “success” now means, especially for independent film releases.

In an era when theatrical release is less and less indicative of overall financial performance, filmmakers need public reporting of transactional VOD performance alongside Theatrical Box Office numbers. They are trying to understand financial success and how dollars translate to the audience reach of their films. Ultimately, they are trying to get the complete picture of revenues as well as costs in order to create a more sustainable model of film financing and production… “So, when do I recoup?”


Freeloader Friday: Cymbals Eat Guitars, Opeth & More

PrettyYearsWhats going on Freeloaders? September treating you okay, I hope? I know summer is over for many of us, but luckily, Freeloader Fridays are year round baby! Free tracks every Friday of the year’s 52 weeks (except maybe holidays or something, give us a break). Anyway, we have a delicious crop for you this week, so let’s eat.

I don’t know about you, but I get excited every time I hear about a band embracing a Bruce Springsteen influence. Indie punks Cymbals Eat Guitars cited The Boss as a big impact on their new record Pretty Yearsand these New Yorkers-turned-Jersey absolutely nailed it. Gritty vocals, big choruses and even a few saxophone lines put this band in a brand new light, and it fits fantastically. If you’re in the need for a parkway anthem or a midnight ballad this weekend, reach for Pretty Years. You can stream it in its entirety now, and I insist you do.


Artists from The Orchard Found in a Television Near You

orchard-syncThe Orchard’s Sync Licensing team has some exciting TV placements to share with you this week. From old school tracks on comedy roasts to a music on the most talked about new show of the season, we hope you’ll enjoy watching these as much as we do.