Freeloader Friday: Oddisee, Pale Honey & More

889176823022Happy #MayDay, folks! It’s the First of May and it couldn’t be more glorious. But also bittersweet, with the news of legendary Ben E. King’s passing. That man and his song — now that’s what you call ‘priceless.’ So in honor of one of Soul’s greatest gifts to earth, let’s play on through the music.

Hands down best album stream you’re going to find this week is Oddisee‘s The Good Fight. In this “orchestral gumbo,” you’ll not only hear keyboard slides, horn blasts, jazzy drum beats and Bass-beat sludge, the rapper also shares a bit of infinite wisdom in those lyrics of his. So stream it, all of it — it will not disappoint.


High Maintenance? High Quality: Get K. Skelton On Your Radar

KSkeltonI saw K. Skelton for the first time at the Nightlight in Oakland. One man on stage, with a guitar, kick drum and tambourine (a setup reminiscent of Ty Segall’s early days). His set felt dark and brooding, like a reverb soaked Nick Cave trip. I immediately latched on. After a relatively quiet time I was sent a copy of High Maintenance Diva Princess (HDMP), Skelton’s newest album on Ghost Dog Recordings, written and recorded entirely by Skelton on his trusty 4-track.


Premium Latin Joins Forces with The Orchard

250293_218040084886463_379335_nSince the Billboard Latin Music Conference is well underway, we thought now would be the perfect time to let you in on a bit of news: we’ve just picked up the entire Premium Latin Music catalog! And what an amazing catalog it is.

First off, let me give you a rundown on the label. Franklin Romero founded the powerhouse back in 1996. It’s home to mega urban Bachata group Aventura — yep, King of Bachata Romeo Santos‘ former band. The label has been fostering new talent from the Dominican Bachata world since it began, so you can bet there’s going to be plenty more to come.


Welcome, Samantha M.!

SamanthaMooreIntroducing Samantha Moore, Senior Manager, Promotions

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha, and I’m very excited to be on board in the Senior Manager, Promotions role. Some of you might think that you already know me. But I bet you didn’t know all of the hidden secrets I am about to reveal to you:

I am originally from Sacramento, CA but I’ve been in NYC since 2007 starting with attending NYU to study film, performance art, art history, and other various forms of BS that falls under the umbrella of “Individualized Study,” and ending with my most recent role as Director of Digital Marketing at In De Goot Entertainment, where I worked with the kind of music that makes a lot of people in middle America very happy such as Shinedown, Chevelle, Neon Trees, and Halestorm.


‘Jam’ Time with The Orchard Starts Now

1027Remember that time we told you we’d be teaming up with NYTVF to create a new online TV series? Well, it’s happening. In fact, production starts next month on our original series, The Jamz.

So, what’s the rundown? The Jamz is Chicago’s (fictitious) #1 radio station, as well as the title of our new show. The half-hour sitcom features hilarious banter from the hosts and crew while on the job. Much like the storyline itself, the series is comprised of Chicago talent, both in front of and behind the camera.