The Orchard & Joachim Trier Team Up Once Again for “Thelma”

ThelmaIt’s pretty obvious that The Orchard and Joachim Trier are a solid match. The pairing blossomed under Trier’s stunning Louder Than Bombs, now sparks are flying again as The Orchard has acquired the North American rights to the writer/producer’s new film Thelma. 

Thelma’s protagonist is a Norwegian student (named Thelma) that moves to Oslo, Norway, where she falls for a fellow classmate. We all know love can feel otherworldly, but in this thriller, it is literally supernatural. Caught up in study and a new relationship, Thelma realizes that she has frightening capabilities far beyond the average human.


Welcome, Andrew!

Andrew BordenIntroducing, Andrew Borden, Coordinator of Acquisitions, Film & TV

I’m a kid of the 90’s so TV/Film quickly became my babysitter and friend whenever needed. I grew up watching lots of blockbusters and Adam Sandler-esque comedies but discovered independent and foreign film (luckily) in my teens and became OBSESSED. It was clear that the best stories were being told outside of the studio system and I knew I wanted to be involved in that world. Fact: two of my all-time favorites are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Weekend.


Latin Music Gets Sync’d

Latin Music SyncThe Orchard’s Sync and Licensing Department has placed a growing number of Latin and Latino tracks. Working with a wide variety of Latin music, The Orchard Sync team identifies and establishes new relationships with major brands and entertainment properties to provide our Latino and Latin American clients with enhanced services for creative song placement and bilingual licensing help.

The Orchard has seen major success, scoring Latin song placements in the television shows Orange is the New Black, Legion and Su Nombre Era Dolores, as well as in the films El Silencio de Viento and True Memoirs of an International Assassin. Most recently, The Orchard landed a spot in episode 1005 of the Bravo! show Imposters, with “Grito Nocturno” by El Percal. In showcasing the breadth and variety of our extensive Latin catalogue, our Sync team taps into a growing industry recognizing the importance of multicultural marketing and branding reflective of the cultural nuances and diverse needs of Latino and Latin American consumers.


Out Today by The Orchard: Alice Coltrane, The Sweet Life & More

Alice Coltrane Out TodayHappy Friday to all! Spring has finally sprung in NYC and the sun is making us thirsty for some bright, new tunes. This week brings a bit of something for all. From spiritual serenity to pick-up truck sing-a-longs, we have a variety of tracks that will hit your favorite niche.

Luaka Bop has revived the sounds of Alice Coltrane unearthing rare songs from her period at Sai Anantam Ashram. “Om Rama” along with “Om Shanti” will be included as part of a compilation of Alice’s unreleased works titled, World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda. The compilation features liner notes from Ashley Khan,  Flying Lotus (Alice’s great nephew) and both of her children Michelle and Oran. They describe the power of music and how Alice’s love and energy resonate with them to this day. Read more about the legendary singer here.


The Beauty Of Good Artwork: How To Break Through The Noise

Film Artwork In this age of consumption, everywhere you look seems to be another TV show you are way behind on binge-watching, a movie you don’t have time to watch, a book you have been meaning to read or the latest launch of the next video game everyone is talking about. No one has enough time to watch, read or play all the content at our disposal! It is nearly impossible to compete. However, that is why we spend some extra love and care on our poster art across all of our film titles; because the beauty of having good artwork is that people will actually click on it and maybe, just maybe, they will make the time to watch your movie.